The Flash 243 review

At the end of last issue one of Wally’s twins, Iris, was dead at the hands of Gorilla Grodd. Turns out it was Grodd using his Force of Mind power to mess with everyone’s head and Iris is alive. Mind, she’s still decades older than she should be, older than her twin, Jai, and far […]

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The Brave and the Bold 16 review

A few years ago, Superman answers the bat signal, covering for his out of town pal. He’s soon teamed up with Catwoman to stop the underworld auction of ‘a map to some hidden cave just outside the city’. Ulp. That’s the set-up for a truly delightful issue of one of the best superhero books on […]

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Birds of Prey 121 review

Joker joins technological terrorists the Silicon Syndicate, new girl Infinity begins to integrate with the Birds and Charlie goes to school in the pleasingly titled ‘Bring on the Bad Guys (if you’re young, that was the name of Stan Lee’s Marvel villains book in the Seventies). The Joker is massively overexposed across the DC Universe, […]

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Booster Gold 11 review

Writers Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz left this book on a high note last issue. Booster’s latest spot of time tinkering was a success, his long-dead sister Michelle was returned to his life and we learned the true identity of Rip Hunter. Soon, Booster’s creator, and current artist, Dan Jurgens steps up to the writing […]

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Wonder Woman 23 review

The Ends of the Earth storyline concludes with Diana battling nasty demon chap D’grath in Washington while her barbarian allies remain in whichever sword and sorcery dimension they were in last month. I think it was that of Claw the Unconquered, but one sword and sorcery scenario is much like any another to me, Mart […]

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X-Men Origins: Jean Grey review

The latest in Marvel’s high-end retellings of mutant beginnings, this features probably the most iconic X-Man this side of (spit) Wolverine. I’ve no idea why it’s titled Jean Gray rather than the more obvious Marvel Girl. Yes, that’s how Marvel tends to refer to her in current continuity, there having been various Marvel Girls and […]

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Ms Marvel 29

Oh look, it’s the comic I swore off last issue. Seems it’s still in my order, so let’s have a look. Cover . . . quite amusing, a blonde woman in a Private Benjamin uniform who doesn’t look like Carol Danvers is showing us her tits and pouting. Oh, and there are some amusing anti-Skrull […]

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