Suicide Squad #2 review

Amanda Waller is gone. She’s ceded her job as Task Force X supremo to the mysterious Lok. And where it used to be that missions were voluntary – a super convict agrees to be a covert op for the US in return for remission – there are new rules. It doesn’t actually sound like a […]

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Action Comics #1019 review

Superman is being attacked by Legion of Doom members Luthor, Brainiac, Grodd, Sinestro and Cheetah. In flashback, we see Luthor and ‘friends’ recruit Leviathan, appearing for the first time since his big event. And in a more recent flashback, Luthor arranges a meet/cute between Leviathan and Metropolis bad girl Red Cloud. The Legion of Doom […]

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Metal Men #4 review

Who says they’re not doing DC/Marvel crossovers any more? Look, it’s Vision vs Red Tornado. OK, maybe not. It’s actually attendees at Robocon 2020, the world’s number one event for fans of all artificial beings. And the guests of honour? The boys need a bit of light relief, as back at base, creator Will Magnus […]

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Superman #19 review

It’s the day after Superman shared his secret identity with the world. The insurance company is planning to increase the Daily Planet’s premium, predicting that in no short order hordes of villains will attack Superman’s friends. Superman’s friends aren’t so worried. Unsurprisingly, though, editor Perry White feels forced to fire Clark Kent. Surprisingly, after musings […]

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Wonder Woman #750 review

It’s Wonder Woman #750! Hang on, you never saw #749? That’s because there wasn’t one, this is the Amazing Amazon’s series returning to its ‘legacy’ numbering… add the various runs together and, apparently, this is the figure we hit. The same thing happened with #600, then another #1 came along, and it’ll likely happen again […]

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Freedom Fighters #12 review

It’s the final push against the Third Reich by Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Doll Girl, Human Bomb and Cache. Throughout the United States, the hope of the people feeds Uncle Sam in his battle with Adolf Hitler III’s Overman. Seeing the tide has turned against him, Hitler flees his mountain base, starting a […]

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Jimmy Olsen #7 review

Behind another irresistible cover by Steve Lieber – its Charles M Schulz meets Jimmy’s Silver Age – we get more quirky, compelling vignettes centred on Superman’s Pal and his Pals. There’s Jimmy Olsen’s Shrink, Dr Lorelei Liu, who wants to find the ‘real’ Jimmy (that’s her in the last two panels). Jimmy Olsen’s brother and […]

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Supergirl #38 review

A canine’s sense of smell is said to be 40 times greater than a person’s. So heaven help Krypto the Superdog in your average city back alley. Still, he does pick up the scent of his pal Kara, last seen facing a vision of her corrupter, The Batman Who Laughs, in Supergirl #37. Krypto tracks […]

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Batman #86 review

It’s a new day in Gotham. In the aftermath of Alfred’s death, Bruce Wayne is rethinking his mission. He’s not going to retire from his vigilante activities, tear down Batman… he’s going to build. And while he’s one of the wealthiest men in the world, Bruce isn’t going to pay for it all himself – […]

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