When We’re In Charge

I’m currently in Quebec, coming towards the end of a holiday. In a couple of days it’ll be Montreal, but last Thursday it was Boston, which happens to be the home of my pal Anj, who runs the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary blog. It’s also within driving distance of the home of Ryan Daly, the […]

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Wonder Woman #31 review

There’s not a lot of Wonder Woman in the latest Wonder Woman. Normally, I’d be mildly rankled but new writer James Robinson kicks off the latest storyline in such an engaging manner that I don’t mind at all.  We begin with Diana apparently fighting her bother. He’s unseen, and by page two we’ve flashed back […]

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Blue Beetle #13 review

Welcome to the 31st century, Jaime Reyes, hope you survive the experience.  Given he’s teleported up the timestream into a battle royale between the future Justice League and a mind-controlled Legion of Super-Heroes, there’s no guarantee he’ll make issue 14 of his comic… especially as it’s the last hoorah for writers Keith Giffen and JM […]

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Action Comics #988 review

Mr Oz stands unveiled as Jor-El of Krypton. Superman doesn’t believe the mysterious figure is his father – he knows Jor-El died along with his mother Lara and the entire world of Krypton. But Fortress of Solitude guardian robot Kelex says this is the man who sent baby Kal-El to Earth. Superman still has his […]

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Superman #31 review

This isn’t the originally solicited issue, it’s a fill-in. I rather like fill-ins. They give the regular creative team a break and the reader a chance to see someone else’s take on a series. Sometimes we get a story with the title character to the side, as here – Superman #31 is basically a team-up […]

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Batman: The Red Death #1 review

Nothing makes a DC event seem more like a DC event than a shot of infinite earths.  The one that opens this first spin-off from the Dark Nights: Metal storyline is a little different to the norm. The dark multiverse looks like a series of rotting conkers. It’s an arresting image, and the rest of […]

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Supergirl #13 review

Well, this issue proved to have more ramifications for Kara than expected.  Part three of the Girl of No Tomorrow story, it concludes the Fatal Five’s visit to National City. As we join her, Supergirl is fighting the Emerald Empress to protect the populace, but she has an image problem.  Outside the city confines, enemy […]

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Action Comics #987 review

This is the one you’ve been waiting for! It’s an old comic book cover line, usually sheer hype. This, though, is the one we’ve been waiting for, the beginning of the storyline unveiling the identity of Mr Oz. The mysterious manipulator who’s been behind the scenes since DC Rebirth began stands revealed this issue.  Yes, […]

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Doom Patrol #8 review

I’m a cat person. That means I have a cat or cats. I’ve two, actually, Emmy and Milly.  Lotion is a cat person. In Doom Patrol terms that means he’s a cat who’s somehow evolved into a person. Actually, ‘evolved’ may be a stretch, given he behaves like a slacker teenager. I’d definitely prefer a […]

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