Supergirl #4 review

The citizens of Argo City are invading Earth and National City is the beachhead. Supergirl isn’t there to defend, she’s on the reborn Argo City created by her father, Zor-El, the Cyborg Superman. Kara has been caged while her birth mother Alura – or rather, a robo-zombie corpse with a twisted version of her personality […]

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Supergirl #3 review

The Cyborg-Superman claims he’s revived Argo City, far out in space. Supergirl knows he’s a killer robot, but also that he commands amazing technology. And he’s convinced her that he’s a transformed version of her father, Zor-El. She has to check his story out. But rather than fly off half cocked, she talks to her […]

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Supergirl #2 review

Supergirl has fought the Cyborg Superman previously, but now things are different. He’s claiming to be her father Zor-El, whom she believes is dead. He wants to talk to her about raising her lost home, Argo City, to life again, but very soon they’re fighting, and ‘Cyborg Superman’ blows up.  Leaving the mystery to percolate, […]

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Supergirl #1 review

Finally, Supergirl has her own ongoing book again. And it’s very, very good. Not perfect, but Steve Orlando’s run on Midnighter proved him to be a smart writer, great with characterisation and longterm plotting, so I’m optimistic.  The issue opens with an All-Star Superman-style recap of Kara’s origin before we meet her today, flying over […]

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Bat-Mite #6 review

Bat-Mite goes to Washington in this final issue, and he’s keen to help President Obama with, well, anything – he’s already remade Mount Rushmore and remodelled the Washington Monument with his magical powers. Before he can further ‘improve’ national monuments, though, he uncovers the whereabouts of arch-enemy Gridlock, who’s still obsessing over some Star Trek-alike […]

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Bat-Mite #2 review

Bat-Mite has been kidnapped by Doc Trauma, a crone who’s lived more than 200 years by stealing bodies and having her brain swapped into them. Her next victim – surprisingly, she’s not keen on moving into a lunatic pixie – is the already captive Hawkman. Bat-Mite reckons the unconscious Winged Wonder is just what he […]

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My Greatest Adventure #1 review

Last year DC gave us the Weird Worlds anthology, six issues of great-looking, flighty fun. Here’s the sequel, with two of the three stars of that book back, while the irritating Lobo is, happily, gone. The first returnee is Garbage Man, the Swamp Man-Thing creation of artist-writer Aaron Lopresti (who provides this issue’s lovely cover). […]

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