Batman Eternal #11 review

Well, that was unexpected.  After ten issues of typically intense Gotham action and character work, Batman Eternal takes a decidedly comic turn. And it works brilliantly. All credit to writer Tim Seeley and artist Ian Bertram for a story that reads and looks like nothing else in the Batman universe.   Oh sure, its use […]

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Batman 23.2 – The Riddler #1 review

Most of DC’s Villains Month specials aren’t the work of the regular creative teams, they’re an opportunity for them to skip a month, thereby getting ahead of the production schedule. And while this doesn’t automatically mean we’re getting sub-par work from the subbing writers and artists, it does mean they tend to be divorced from […]

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National Comics #1: Looker review

When you don’t show up on film, and burst into flames in sunlight, fashion model isn’t the easiest career. So mannequin turned vampire Emily Briggs tells the world she’s been struck down by a form of Lupus and swaps the catwalk for a talent agency named Looker. She rarely appears in the daytime, but at night? That’s another […]

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Huntress #1 review

The Huntress is in Naples, out to stop a shipment of drugs reaching Gotham. It turns out the contraband on a boat isn’t just illegal substances, it’s women. After fighting her way past some goons she gets the ladies out and blows up the boat. While the local crime boss takes out his unhappiness on […]

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Catwoman #1 review

Catwoman flees her apartment when bruisers come calling, looking for something she stole from them. The flat destroyed, Selina seeks help from Lola, her fence and intel source, who sets her up with a gig at a Russian mafia party. There Selina spots a man from her past, someone who killed a woman in front […]

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