Fantastic Four #574 review

Awhile back Social Services were at the FF’s collective throat, fretting that the Baxter Building was too dangerous an environment for raising Richards kids Franklin and Valeria. The team won that battle and seem to have gone on some sort of approved list as this month they take in family free mutants Artie and Leech. […]

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Justice Society of America #34

Young Justice, the Doom Patrol, the Legion of Super-Heroes . . . If you’re a super-group in need of a home, the Justice League’s Happy Harbor cave is the place to be. Even the Injustice Gang have taken refuge under the stalactites. And now it’s the turn of the JSA, well, at least the half […]

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Wonder Woman #39 review

Now here’s a heartening Christmas gift – the most satisfying Wonder Woman issue in ages. After last issue’s lamb to the slaughter impression, our girl gets her groove back, taking on a hell creature with guts and a grin. Writer Gail Simone provides the personality and artistic partners Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan bring forth […]

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Supergirl #48 review

After last issue’s focus on Supermom Alura, daughter Kara takes centre stage again in an issue that barely touches upon the New Krypton storyline that has dominated this book for months. And the comic is all the better for it, as we finally get some real information about Lana Lang’s illness and Supergirl gets a […]

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Power Girl #7 review

Behind Amanda Conner’s nice homage to the 1974 issue of Superman which introduced Vartox, himself a homage to Sean Connery in Zardoz, is another smile-inducing issue of DC’s most delightful superhero title. We begin with a flashback to the day space pirates made the population of Valeron, except its protector, Vartox, infertile. That explains his […]

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DCU Holiday Special #1 review

’tis the season for jolly big anthology comics full of Santa and sentiment. DC’s entry this year is adorned with a simply gorgeous cover hinting that one day soon we’re going to lose Dustin Nguyen to Hallmark. A tip of the elf’s hat, too, to publication designer Travis Lanham for a striking logo, merry title […]

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Action Comics #884 review

This review is brought to you by the letter ‘N’ which I’d like to devote to Action Comics co-writer Eric Trautmann to replace the one DC denied him on the cover of this issue. That apart, great cover with Mrs Superman, gorgeously defiant in the face of adversity and the legend ‘Lois Lane: Traitor’ evoking […]

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