Earth 2 #1 review

The war between Earth and Apokolips rages. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman enact a desperate plan to save the world from Steppenwolf’s Parademons, but the price is high. And when the dust clears, the only heroes around to welcome a new dawn are Robin and Supergirl. And them not for long … … five years […]

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JSA: All-Stars #17 review

It’s a quiet day at the All-Stars ranch when a gaudily garbed stranger appears among them, claiming to be a member. What’s more, The Prince announces to Judomaster that she’s his wife – or was, before reality changed. The Prince is, he says, the son of Regent, the world’s greatest hero, who once led the […]

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Oh. My. Lord.

I’ve been a vocal supporter of the new JSA run by Mark Guggenheim and Scott Kolins, but I really do have to point at the upcoming cover for for March’s issue #49 and jeer a little. Alan Scott takes his Green Lantern title too literally. The man looks like a flying coal scuttle …

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