Doctor Fate #1 review

It’s raining in New York. A storm is battering the streets. And the old gods are stirring… Medical student Khalid Nassour is in the Brooklyn Museum, being beckoned by a disembodied voice to don an ancient artefact – the golden helmet of Fate. He thinks he’s having some kind of unwanted drugs trip, but if […]

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Convergence: Justice League #1 review

One year ago, the female Justice League members were at a baby shower in Gotham City for Jesse Quick, when the baby arrived quicker than expected. Supergirl flew Jesse to hospital while Zatanna, Vixen and Jade followed, laden down with gifts. And that’s when the city was surrounded by an unbreakable, super-power-sucking dome, and transported […]

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Batman Eternal #1 review

Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon are tackling the latest schemes of Professor Pyg, the madman who turns humans into ‘dollotrons’. Pursuing a member of his gang, Gordon makes a decision that has catastrophic consequences.That’s the condensed action in the first issue of Batman Eternal, DC’s latest attempt to get readers to the comic shop weekly. […]

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Justice League #8 review

Green Arrow wants to join the Justice League. Trying to persuade the world’s greatest super-team to – ahem – give him a shot, he starts showing up for their missions. And while he’s actually pretty useful, his requests for a trial are turned down. Aquaman doesn’t like him. Green Lantern thinks he’d be useless. Batman […]

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Flashpoint #2 review

Yo ho ho, me hearties, it’s Deathstrokebeard and his merry pirate band. Clayface, Icicle, Electric Eel, Machiste, the Fisherman, they are indeed a motley crew. And more than faintly ridiculous in their pirate togs. Still, as Gypsy Rose Lee learnt, you gotta have a gimmick. Especially in  a crossover event. So it is that in […]

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