The Ray #4 review

The Ray is down and almost out. If he’s going to save girlfriend Chanti from the reality warping wannabe film director Thaddeus Filmore, Lucien’s going to have pull something big out of the bag. Which he does, unsurprisingly. What is surprising is the way he cleans up after the events of the last few issues, […]

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The Ray #1 review

Struck by a particle beam of experimental light, Lucien Gates becomes The Ray, able to travel at the speed of light, create energy blasts and alter the way light reflects off his body. This last may bit may not sound immediately impressive, but when any clothes you wear against your glowing form burn, it’s pretty […]

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Superman #714 review

Thank you! Thank you Chris Roberson for ending the Grounded storyline in such a way as to leave Superman with a great big smile on his face. Lisa Jennings, the teacher who’s been shadowing Superman on his trip across America, finally makes herself known, endangering Lois to get his attention. Bad move. Superman’s in no […]

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Superman #713 review

So last issue’s scheduled stop in Los Angeles, in which Superman teamed up with Muslim superhero Sharif, was pulled by DC, with one rumour saying it was because Superman rescued a cat from a tree. This issue, Superman rescues a cat from a roof. Make of that what you will. The Grounded storyline trudges towards the […]

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Supergirl #59 review

Having kidnapped gossip columnist Cat Grant, the deadly Dollmaker reveals a surprising motive. Supergirl deals with the new villain with glorious efficiency … with a hand from Cat. And the Kents and Langs celebrate Christmas in Smallville. A round of applause, please, for writer Sterling Gates and penciller Jamal Igle, for rounding off their two-and-a-half-year-run […]

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Supergirl #58 review

That’s a gorgeous cover illustration by Amy Reeder, coloured by Guy Major, but it doesn’t do this issue justice. Smiley Supergirl is suited to a poster book, or a promotional illo. A first issue, or special. But this issue’s change of pace story should be represented on the cover to let potential buyers know there’s […]

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Supergirl 34 review

Poor Superboy. First he’s killed in the Crisis of the Week. Then his jeans are ripped from his body to be worn by girlfriend/stalker Wonder Girl. And here, Tim Drake gives his Conner Kent glasses to Supergirl for her secret identity to be. What next, Krypto starts wearing Superboy’s tighty whities? Anyway, say hello to […]

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