The Savage Hawkman #1 review

Carter Hall has had enough of being Hawkman. He drives to a remote spot, blasts and burns his costume and buries it. But the alien Nth Metal contained within the outfit isn’t done with him. Manifesting as a phoenix, it burns Carter. Next thing he knows he’s waking in his apartment, naked. A visit from […]

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Justice League Dark #1 review

Super-heroine the Enchantress is broken. Gone mad, her gnarled form hurls hideous spells at the Justice League of America. Elsewhere, simulcra of her former host, June Moone, walk into the path of motorway traffic, dying horribly. Watching from afar, tarot reader Madame Xanadu tells alien madman Shade the Changing Man that only specialists can repair […]

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Flash #1 review

Police scientists Barry Allen and Patty Spivot are on a date at a tech symposium when a masked gang bursts in and gasses the guests. Too fast to be affected, Barry changes into the Flash to battle the baddies. Most get away but he manages to grab one and throw him safely into a building […]

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Aquaman #1 review

It’s a day in the life of Aquaman, as the hero stops a robbery, fails to have a peaceful lunch at a diner and tells wife Mera he has no wish to rule Atlantis. Meanwhile, down in the depths, something is stirring. Something with very sharp teeth. And a newfound appetite for human flesh … […]

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Teen Titans #1 review

The newly minted Kid Flash makes a proper pig’s ear of helping firefighters extinguish a blaze. Watching from afar, Red Robin isn’t impressed but he has more immediate concerns – super-teens the world over are being kidnapped by a shadowy group. Offered a job with said bad guys, he tells the man from N.O.W.H.E.R.E where he can stick […]

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Superman #1 review

It’s a new era for journalism in Metropolis. The Daily Planet has been bought by Galaxy Communications and subsumed into Morgan Edge’s media empire, the renamed Planet Global Network, which encompasses print, TV and digital divisions. This means new roles for Planet staffers and the razing of the old building to make room for the new Daily Planet […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #1 review

One batch of Legionnaires infiltrates a United Planets world keeping an eye on the empire of the evil Dominators, while the rest mourn recent losses. The first group includes new members Dragonwing and Chemical Kid, whose enthusiasm gets the better of them when it turns out the military observers are working with the alien scientists. […]

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Catwoman #1 review

Catwoman flees her apartment when bruisers come calling, looking for something she stole from them. The flat destroyed, Selina seeks help from Lola, her fence and intel source, who sets her up with a gig at a Russian mafia party. There Selina spots a man from her past, someone who killed a woman in front […]

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