Avengers Arena #18 review

It’s the final furlong of the Battle Royale for super-teenagers.  I hated the very idea of this book, but got sucked in by the sharpness of Dennis Hopeless’ script and dynamism of Kev Walker’s art. I’ve been looking forward to the finale hugely, wondering what fireworks would ensure when the kids who survive confronted their […]

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The Flash #25 review

At this point in the tie-ins to Batman’s Zero Year, it’s best just to assume that everyone in the DC Universe, from Hal Jordan to Ma Kent’s prize cow, headed to Gotham to help out during the Riddler-caused blackout. Barry Allen’s presence makes more sense than most, as rookie cops likely would be asked to […]

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Superman #25 review

I’ve been avoiding the latest crossover in the Superman family of books because, well, H’el. Knowing that this issue would likely see the death – or more likely, ‘death’ – of Superboy, though, I had to check it out. I’ve been keeping up with the storyline via the excellent Supergirl’s Comic Box Commentary, so wasn’t […]

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The Wake #5 review

Trapped on an undersea research station, under attack by savage mer-creatures and with several colleagues gutted, marine biologist Dr Lee Archer probably thought things couldn’t get any worse. But the monsters turned out to have a daddy monster, a super-sized version with only one apparent thought – kill. As this fifth chapter of Scott Snyder […]

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Harley Quinn #0 review

Harley Quinn, erstwhile girlfriend of the Joker and current Suicide Squad member, is dreaming. Dreaming of the comic book she might have, and the artists who might draw her – who would best capture her mischievous magnificence? Tony Daniel? Becky Cloonan? Art Baltazar? Any one of the other 14 artists on this teaser for the […]

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Batwoman #25 review

Several years ago, it was lights out in Gotham when the Riddler pulled the plug on the power grid. Home from military academy for the funeral of her Uncle Phillip, Kate Kane refuses her dad’s request to stay home and let someone else be the hero. She sneaks into the city on a ‘borrowed’ motorbike […]

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X-Men Gold #1 review

It’s the X-Men’s 50th anniversary year and Marvel have been celebrating by releasing umpteen new series … oh, hang on, that’s any old year for the X-Men. Ah well, here’s the most obvious marker I’ve come across, a double-sized comic featuring a gaggle of creators who made the X-Men great. Sadly, there’s no Dave Cockrum, […]

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Marvel Knights: X-Men #1

Rachel Grey has a bad dream, a vision of a young boy with strange features being chased. It rattles her, and spurs fellow X-Men Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Wolverine to take a road trip to the tiny town of Prospect, West Virginia, where Cerebro says there are two more mutants. Logan is full of hell, […]

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Justice League of America #9 review

J’onn J’onzz and Stargirl are the only Leaguers not trapped inside a weird world by their own fears. Separately, they wander from place to place, encountering Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Madame Xanadu and new Green Lantern Simon Baz. They can’t be reasoned with. Stargirl searches for J’onn, while remembering her beginnings as a hero. Eventually she finds […]

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