Supergirl #2 review

Supergirl has fought the Cyborg Superman previously, but now things are different. He’s claiming to be her father Zor-El, whom she believes is dead. He wants to talk to her about raising her lost home, Argo City, to life again, but very soon they’re fighting, and ‘Cyborg Superman’ blows up.  Leaving the mystery to percolate, […]

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Superman #22 review

The Psi War storyline continues, with psychics Hector Hammond and the Hive Queen at one another’s throats. Meanwhile, Superman ponders his vulnerability to mental attacks before catching up first with blogging partner Cat Grant, then best pal Jimmy Olsen. His chat with the latter is interrupted when Metropolis is attacked by familiar-looking tech, prompting Clark […]

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Action Comics 865 review

In which Winslow P Schott, the original Toyman going back to the Forties, returns to set the record straight about the little matter of his murdering Adam Grant, son of Cat Grant, several years ago. The witness he chooses to record his tale is a kidnapped Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet’s youthful photo-journalist. Why Jimmy? […]

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