Amazing Spider-Man #595 review

And a new storyline begins, American Son, in which Spidey determines to take down Norman Osborn, currently head of North America’s super-powered defenders. And quite right too, though I’d expect a big brain like Peter Parker to come up with something sneakier than kidnapping and beating up Osborn in public. And his anger makes him […]

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Superman #688 review

Holy Seventies Flashbacks, Mon-El has Supergirl’s on-again, off-again super-powers. It turns out that Brainiac 5’s cure for Daxamite-on-Earth lead poisoning is actually a bit rubbish, and he’ll be dead within 18 months. Darn. Luckily his partner-in-Superman’s-title The Guardian is going to teach him fisticuffs and swimming, to lessen his chances of dying in an off […]

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Wonder Woman #32 review

What I like about this issue is that writer Gail Simone has Diana cut loose against the monstrous Genocide. It’s about time, the corrupted corpse of Wonder Woman has been on the loose for too long. I liked the no-fanfare cameo by DC debutante hero the Shield, aiding the rescue operation as Washington crumbles mid-battle. […]

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Agents of Atlas #5 review

‘Taking the Fall’ book begins with another of this book’s idiosyncratic recaps, this time delivered in song by Venus, goddess of love. If not scansion. This issue sees Jimmy Woo, M-11, Namora, Gorilla-Man, the Uranian and the aforementioned Olympian face Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, Luke Cage, Ronin and Captain Shiny who are, as one hood […]

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Battle for the Cowl #3 review

So the Battle for the Cowl concludes and the big question remains unanswered. Why are Black Canary and Huntress trying so hard to get Nightwing to notice their arses? Don’t they know he has brooding to do? Dick has to decide whether or not he’ll take on the mantle of the Bat in order to, […]

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Booster Gold #20 review

Bored while Rip Hunter carries out time bubble repairs, Booster steps back to the 1950s, gets involved with some old DC characters and tackles a dastardly Soviet plot. Along the way there’s clever plotting, snappy dialogue and a wonderful in-joke I really should have seen coming. Vague enough for you? This fill-in, written by Keith […]

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Secret Six #9 review

Last month the spotlight was on Scandal, Deadshot and Jeannette, this time the rest of the team get to shine. Catman, Bane and Ragdoll dash around Gotham City rescuing rich kids being threatened by non-specific terrorists. We don’t learn who hired them (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not Oracle in an off-the-books operation, pushing […]

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