Wonder Woman #612 review

World’s worst gods. That’s what Diana’s had in the last several years. If they’re not trying to kill or rape her, Wonder Woman’s supposed patrons are abandoning her, leaving the playing field at the first sign of a challenge. It’s happened again, we learn this month, as the Olympians stand revealed as the shadowy figures […]

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Canterbury Cricket #1 review

It’s the world of Flashpoint and in England super-powered resistance fighters Etrigan the Demon, Godiva, Mrs Hyde and Wicked Jinny Greenteeth are in battle with the Amazon invaders. They’re in trouble until a new combatant enters the fray, a man-sized, metallic insect whose chittering sonic boom turns the tide. As they lick their wounds, the […]

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Justice League of America #58 review

The JLA’s battle against Eclipso and his horde continues, with brains proving as important as brawn, as the team recognises that the Shade is key to defeating the dark god. Batman organises the fightback into two fronts – one subteam distracts Eclipso while another shoots a bullet – carrying the Atom and Starman – into […]

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Kid Flash: Lost #1 review

Kid Flash loses his super-speed in this Flashpoint tie-in, but he certainly gets his groove back. Under the pen of Sterling Gates, the former Impulse finally rediscovers his misplaced personality. He’s rash, funny, smart – this is the wee fella we’ve not seen since Impulse was cancelled and Bart Allen became Bit-Part Allen as the […]

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A month of comic book sites

A big thank you to Brian Cronin of the Comics Should Be Good blog at Comic Book Resources for plugging this blog at his current A month of comic book sites feature. It’s been running just over a week and has introduced me to some superb blogs I’d not previously come across – do check them out, […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #14 review

The Legion of Super-Heroes’ efforts to stop the reborn Legion of Super-Villains’ reign of terror continue in entertaining, if occasionally infuriating, style. The entertainment comes mainly from the action and interaction between the rich mix of characters on both sides of the morality line. There’s Professor Harmonia Li’s brushing off of Dream Girl with unknown powers when […]

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