Batman Eternal #48 review

Batman Eternal is in the home straight, with the Batman Family fighting souped-up villains  at various points around Gotham. Jason Bard has realised he was wrong about Commissioner Gordon and tries to get the Mayor to sign a release form. The Penguin sparks a riot in Blackgate Prison – where Gordon’s incarcerated on a trumped-up […]

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Wonder Woman #35 review

It’s ages since I dropped Wonder Woman. Brian Azzarello’s makeover of the Amazon legend was, to understate, not my cup of tea. But I can’t resist an ending, so popped back to see how Azzarello and artistic partner Cliff Chiang wrap up their three-year story before the next creative team arrives. In a nice bow, […]

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Wonder Woman #15 review

I checked out of this Wonder Woman series a few months back, but couldn’t resist checking back in for the debut of Orion of the New Gods in DC’s New 52 continuity. Nothing much seems to have changed while I’ve been away: Diana is still following her fellow demi-god brother Lennox around like a clueless […]

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Wonder Woman #0 review

For Wonder Woman readers, DC’s Zero Month means a trip back to Diana’s childhood, and harsh lessons from an Olympian. The story opens with the 12-year-old princess of Themyscira stealing a harpy’s egg to make her birthday cake. She hands the egg to her mother, because on Paradise Island, says Hippolyta, ‘you need to present […]

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Wonder Woman #8 review

Wearing armour newly forged by Hephaestus, and carrying ‘love guns’ borrowed from Eros, Diana journeys to the realm of Lord Hades, guided by Hermes. They’re out to rescue Zola, the young woman carrying the child of Zeus. Hades isn’t what Diana expects. Rather than a fiery place of screaming souls, it’s a silent, twilight version […]

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Wonder Woman #7 review

If you’ve no attachment to the Wonder Woman legend, I can see that this comic could go down well. It’s full of relationships that get more interesting by the page, clever moments of action and unexpected revelations. As a longtime fan of Diana, I enjoyed the introduction of two more of her relatives, Eros, a […]

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Wonder Woman #6 review

In which Wonder Woman and newly discovered semi-sibling Lennox sort out the tussle for Olympus between claimants Hades and Poseidon by, er … … to be honest, I don’t really know. I know what I see, but not how the moments shown work together to tell the story. Diana, Lennox and pals Hermes and Zola […]

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Wonder Woman #5 review

Diana’s having a breakfast of tomatoes in London with pals Zola and Hermes when a stranger, Lennox, brings a side order of obtuseness. ‘It must be something to learn yea has a dad the same day yea learn he’s scarpered off the … call it the immortal coil?’ Well cor bloimey and lor luvvaduck. Rather […]

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Wonder Woman #4 review

Having learnt that she’s the product of a dangerous liaison between mother Hippolyte and king of the gods Zeus, Diana has flounced off Paradise Island for her home in London. This leaves her mother that little bit more vulnerable when a very peeved Mrs Zeus, Hera, comes a-calling … Diana’s not alone in the English […]

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Wonder Woman #3 review

In which the Amazons bury their dead and Diana learns that she has a father as well as a mother. Last issue, in the midst of tricking Amazon into killing Amazon, demi-goddess Strife told Diana that they shared a father – Zeus. Diana didn’t believe this, her mother Hippolyta having told her that she was […]

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