Justice League United #13 review

The new Justice League Unlimited undertakes its second mission, gathering a fresh team to shut down an anomaly in France. Alanna Strange, Equinox, Animal Man and Stargirl recruit Batgirl, Steel, Robotman and Vandal Savage to enter a zone where time is in chaos, and wars past and future are being fought simultaneously. The motley crew […]

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My Greatest Adventure #1 review

Last year DC gave us the Weird Worlds anthology, six issues of great-looking, flighty fun. Here’s the sequel, with two of the three stars of that book back, while the irritating Lobo is, happily, gone. The first returnee is Garbage Man, the Swamp Man-Thing creation of artist-writer Aaron Lopresti (who provides this issue’s lovely cover). […]

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Secret Six #30 review

A slacker brat finally finds his purpose but his parents aren’t pleased. Bane’s first date is equal parts hilarity and violence. The Secret Six invades Oolong Island. And something fishy this way comes as the Doom Patrol mops up after one of the departed Chief’s shady experiments. The Doom Patrol? Yes, it’s crossover time, as DC’s craziest […]

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Doom Patrol #17 review

Having nationalised the Doom Patrol, Oolong Island president Veronica Cale forces the team into accompanying her to a state banquet in North Korea. There they’re reunited with an old – very old – enemy and make the acquaintance of a family who make the Mansons look like the Bradys. Those are the bare bones of […]

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Doom Patrol #16 review

Horror writer Brian Keene visits Oolong Island, and brings a long-lost member of the Doom Patrol with him. Step forward Ted Bruder, formerly Fast Forward but usually referred to as Negative Man II for his less than sparkling personality. Once he could see 60 seconds in the future, but lately he’s been falling between realities, […]

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Doom Patrol #14 review

After years of tragedies, setbacks and general lunacy, you might expect the individuals who comprise the Doom Patrol to slope off into a corner to spend the rest of their lives muttering and dribbling. But no, they’re heroes and this issue the Fabulous Freaks decide, the heck with it, they have each other. Even diminutive […]

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Doom Patrol #13 review

One of writer Keith Giffen’s aims with this book has been to give the readers something new every month – a character, a concept, a fresh take on the DC Universe … last issue he outdid himself with the revelation of Elasti-Woman’s true nature. She’s sentient Silly Putty. I never saw that one coming. This month […]

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Doom Patrol #7 review

This is one of those comic books in which the stars of the show hardly appear, but you’re having such a good time it’s barely noticeable. So Robotman, Elasti-Woman and Negative Man are off panel until the final page of the story, recovering from the events of Blackest Night and awaiting transport home. This leaves […]

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