Wonder Woman #603 review

Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters are still in the Turkish desert, fleeing from bad guys. The Keres, creatures of myth, appear and send Diana to Tartarus. It’s hot down there, the Keres show up again, but some of the natives are friendly and soon she’s back in the real world. There, the bad guys’ […]

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Valkyrie #1 review

If DC’s Donna Troy is the poster child for convoluted histories, she has a counterpart at Marvel in Valkyrie. The role of Norse handmaiden Brunnhilde has been borrowed or stolen by the villainous Enchantress, spoilt rich girl Samantha Parrington and tortured soul Barbara Norris. Wikipedia mentions another alter ego, Sian Bowen, of whom I’ve no memory, […]

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Justice League: Generation Lost #10 review

Cliff Chiang’s striking, deceptively simple Batman cover is the most obviously memorable aspect of this issue, but there’s plenty of good stuff inside too.  There’s the unexpected opening featuring the world of Kingdom Come, the wrap-up of Ice’s crisis of confidence and the ever-more impressive Rocket Red. There’s Max Lord manipulating the dimwit Magog, despite […]

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Fantastic Four #583 review

This issue of Fantastic Four starts with the team fighting in the Neutral Zone, land ‘between United States territory and that claimed by the Forever City of the High Evolutionary’. It’s the first time in ages we’ve seen the whole team battling baddies, so what happens? A single page of that and we’re with future […]

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Thor #615 review

It’s a while before Thor shows up in this first issue by the new creative team of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry, but there’s much to engage the interest before then. A mortal scientist tries to explain to an unseen Asgardian why he sees a crisis coming, with the reader given hints enough to guess […]

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Zatanna #5 review

That’s a superb cover by Stephane Roux, nicely reflecting the interior in which long-lived casino owner Benjy Raymond bids to keep his soul by delivering Zatanna’s up to the demonic Mammon. Zee, meanwhile, is busy trying to improve her relationship with cousin and protege Zachary Zatara. I love Zatanna. Stunning as Zee is, she’s the […]

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DC Universe Legacies #5 review

Police officer Paul Lincoln never made detective. That’s not surprising as we watch him see Green Arrow debut his second costume on TV and, a minute later, in another news report, he sees Ollie Queen – modelling the same ridiculous, and brand-new, beard. Does he make the connection? Nope. Soon afterwards, he notes that black-haired […]

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Birds of Prey #5 review

The four-parter that kicked off the Birds’ latest series is over. But not really. The two-parter that begins here is called Aftershock, but it’s a continuation of the initial story. White Canary is still around, Penguin is hanging on in there, the Savant and Creosote business isn’t resolved … and given that most superhero stories […]

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Batman #703 review

Now this, this is how to do a fill-in. Red Robin writer Fabian Nicieza and former Buffy artist Cliff Richards quietly pop by in between Grant Morrison’s Batman RIP ‘missing chapter’ and the start of Tony Daniel’s new run as writer-artist and knock it out of the park. The story bounces off the familiar – but […]

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