Supergirl #0 review

Of all the DC Zero Month titles I’ve read so far, none gives up as many secrets as this issue. More than just a story set Before the New 52, it’s the culmination of a year’s worth of mysteries for Supergirl readers. Here we learn the disturbing details of Kara’s departure from the planet Krypton; […]

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Supergirl #12 review

Supergirl finally reaches out to Superman to learn what he knows of Krypton’s fate and it turns out that he’s learned one or two interesting things. First, that the comatose Kara orbited Earth’s sun for quite awhile prior to landing on Earth, explaining why she was so powerful on emerging from the pod that brought […]

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Supergirl #8 review

It’s been one fight after another since Supergirl arrived on Earth, but this issue she gets some time to breathe, to relax. Not much, and she first has to evade the military who confuse her with the Warkillers she fought last month, but still, any downtime is good. And it’s downtime in the company of […]

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Supergirl #6 review

And this is where it all comes together. For five issues we’ve seen Kara Zor-El struggling to come to terms with being a stranger on a very strange world and the idea that her planet – her family, her friends – is lost. But this issue sees Kara accept the truth of her losses and […]

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Supergirl #5 review

Hoping to learn what happened to her world, Kara follows the sunstone’s lead through hyperspace to a blue orb, where she finds her home, Argo City. But it’s deserted, in ruins. The sunstone plays a message from her father, Zor-El, telling Kara how he planned to save the city from Krypton’s destruction, but unsure he’d […]

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Supergirl #3 review

Kara Zor-El can’t believe her newly super-ears. The man claiming to be her cousin is telling her that her homeworld, Krypton, is no more. Because he has no evidence to show her, because only three days ago she was babysitting the child this … Superman … claims to be, Kara turns tail. She flees China […]

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Supergirl #2 review

Superman arrives in Siberia to talk to the recently arrived young woman wearing his family crest. She wants to know who this guy is wearing her family crest. And why does he claim to be cousin Kal, the baby she cuddled just three days ago. Unimpressed by his spoken Kryptonian, Kara Zor-El hits out. Again and again […]

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Supergirl #1 review

Meet Supergirl. She’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman – and none of his affection for the people of Earth. So don’t piss her off! That’s the solicitation from DC Comics that’s had me worried for the last couple of months. We had the moody, unpredictable Kara a few […]

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