DC House of Horror #1 review 

Baby Kal-El crashes in Kansas and kills Jonathan and Martha Kent.  A girl goes on a murder spree, possessed by the spirit of Wonder Woman.  A Gotham City worker slaughters his wife, egged on by a spectral Harley Quinn.  Bruce Wayne is taunted by the voice of the Joker, the one villain he can never […]

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Detective Comics #967 review

I’m not a car person. If invited to admire a vehicle I’m likely to mutter, ‘that’s a nice blue’. Chassis, horsepower and the like represent a mystery I’ve never wanted to solve.  So the fact that I near-gasped with joy at seeing the latest Batmobile as illustrated by penciller Alvaro Martinez and inker Raul Fernandez […]

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Action Comics #990 review

It’s a case of infinite crises on Earth as Superman tries to stay on top of the conflict that’s broken out everywhere. This fourth chapter of the Oz Effect opens with Superman back in the nation of Logamba, where the rebels and authorities – influenced by Mr Oz – look set to destroy one another. […]

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Aquaman #29 review 

Aquaman is hiding out in the depths of Atlantis, a fugitive from the forces of new king Rath. The king believes him dead, slain by his former ally Murk, but Arthur survives, wanting space to plan his next move. He’s not exactly eager to retake the kingdom.  While Atlantean mutate Dolphin – a ‘taint blood’ […]

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Superman #33 review

Saturday night at the movies, who knows what picture you’ll see? For the Kents, it’s a classic spaghetti western.  Earlier, Clark was determined to have a quiet family night, so ignored a request from Lex Luthor, probationary member of the Superman Family.  The Mad Scientist Who Cried Wolf, eh? And he was sounding a tad […]

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Action Comics #989 review

While Mr Oz continues his attempts to persuade Superman to abandon Earth… … two of his agents have dark intentions for the Daily Planet. Lois tries to reason with the man, JB – who’s bought into some Trumpian ‘fake news’ agenda – stall him long enough for Clark to come and save the day. Sportscaster […]

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Supergirl #14 review

Just two cousins hanging out. By a volcano. With a Superdog.  It’s taken years, but DC continuity is finally back at my sweet spot, with Supergirl and Superman looking out for one another.  And is that a hint Streaky, the Cat of Steel, is coming? I do hope so, I’ve no doubt writer Steve Orlando […]

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Superman #32 review

Lois Lane’s recent interview with international hitman Deathstroke the Terminator looks set to be an award winner, having made headlines and pleased hard-nosed hack Perry White.  Sadly, whatever understanding there was between reporter and assassin has faded as this issue begins, with Lois firmly in his crosshairs. Cue her very own guardian angel.  Something similar […]

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