All-Star Batman #2 review

Batman is riding the train. And so is Two-Face. And Killer Croc. And King Shark and oodles more baddies, some Bat-specific, others less so. Harvey Dent is running the show and Batman is the star attraction as villains vie to kill him in exchange for a big bounty.  Batman, though, is prepared for a fight, […]

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Wytches #1 review

It’s a new beginning for Lucy and Charlie Rooks and daughter Sailor. A horrific event has made Sailor an outcast, so the family have moved far away, to a house in the woods. Sailor’s first day at school is marked by a potential friend asking the question she feared: And things just get worse from […]

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Batman #15 review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one … The Joker can do anything he likes in Gotham City. He can stand in front of a bunch of Gotham cops after massacring their brothers, and not be shot on sight. He can have his men ambush said cops with explosives. He can waltz into Arkham Asylum […]

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Batman #13 review

He’s been gone from Gotham for a year, but the Joker is back and Batman’s on the back foot. The knave rampages through GCPD headquarters killing cops. He reenacts the murder that first got Batman’s attention, years before. And he tweaks another of his greatest hits, stymieing the Gotham Guardian’s attempts to outthink him. Finally, […]

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