Loki, Agent of Asgard #1 review

When you’re the god of mischief, it helps to be all things to all men and that’s what Loki pulls off in this debut. Most obviously, there’s movie Loki, the Tom Hiddleston-type who melts legions of female hearts. There’s Journey into Mystery Loki, acutely aware of the power Story holds over the Norse gods. And […]

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Wonder Woman #614 review

It’s been the longest storyline in Wonder Woman history, and possibly the worst. Despite bright spots from writer Phil Hester, J Michael Straczynski’s Odyssey has been a mess, trying to ‘fix’ the character not by focusing on what originally made her popular back in the Forties – a mix of  fantasy and reality, a dose of […]

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Wonder Woman #613 review

It’s part 842 of the Odyssey story and the finish line is in sight. In this issue, Diana fights Nemesis, goddess of Exposition. Clad in Diana’s original form – the star-spangled heroine of the regular DC Universe – Nemesis battles the new model we’ve been following for the past year. And finally, readers get answers. […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #659 review

Now a member of the Future Foundation, Spider-Man is helping to investigate space/time anomolies. And Lord, is he annoying. Honestly, he won’t shut up. After reading several thousand of his appearances, I realise that quips are Spidey’s thing, and that’s fine. He’s our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, emphasis on friendly. But in this issue he just […]

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Outsiders 15 review

Oh, I do love to be surprised. Last week I was rather doubtful that the latest Outsiders revamp would be for me*, but here’s the first issue and it bodes very well for the future. The special saw Alfred, post Batman’s supposed death, accept his request to put together a new version of the Outsiders, […]

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Batman 682 review

Now this is the most fun I’ve had with a Grant Morrison Batman story since the caped crusader opened his ‘sci-fi closet’ back in Justice League Classified. ‘The Butler Did it’ runs through Batman’s history from his earliest days, dating Julie Madison and solving ‘The Case of the Chemical Syndicate’; through the era of adventures […]

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