Wonder Woman #34 review

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how to win over a reviewer – begin the book with cute snow beasties. Here we see that Aaron Lopresti draws polar bears every bit as well as he draws albino gorillas. The heck with Wonder Woman action figures, I want a Lopresti plush (a bear, that is, not a plush of Aaron Lopresti […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #600 review

In Spider-Man #400, Aunt May died. In issue #600, she’s getting married. That’s comics, folks. Yup, it’s the big day, May Reilly Parker is getting hitched to J Jonah Jameson Sr and all hell’s breaking loose as every mechanical object in New York gains a mind of its own. And that mind belongs to Dr […]

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Captain Britain and MI13 #15 review

Ah, this was a bittersweet book. The final issue of my favourite Marvel series, but chocful of great things – reunions, endings and new beginnings. The main story sees the dismantling of the threat from Dracula and his cohort, due to a combination of trickery, force and courage. Alongside that are the resolutions to good […]

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X-Factor #46 review

This title got a lot of publicity last month due to Rictor and Shatterstar snogging after many years or hints and fan speculation. They’re still snogging as we join them this issue. That doesn’t make them interesting, though. Layla Miller is interesting and happily she gets lots of play here, in a terrific scene with […]

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Superman/Batman #62 review

It’s years since I read this book, having gotten tired of stories that were nutty without being entertaining. And the back and forth narration, with Superman and Batman constantly mancrushing, was excruciating. But the promise of a Supergirl/Robin team-up was too tasty to resist. That would be the Tim Drake Robin, around the time Kara […]

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Action Comics #879 review

Behind another moody but lifeless Andrew Robinson cover, Flamebird and Nightwing continue their mission to bring down rogue Kryptonians. The main points of interest this time are a change in Flamebird’s status quo as her links to the gods of old Krypton are made manifest, Lois Lane realising her father isn’t dead and the mystery […]

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