Mighty Avengers 15 – review

A couple of months ago we learned that Yellowjacket had been replaced by a shape-shifting, secretively invading Skrull. Eek. Here’s how it happened . . . Hank Pym had a barny with Jan, she walked out, he shagged a supposed student, she wormed all his secrets out of him, bashed him with big green fists […]

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Madame Xanadu 1 review

I’ve been rather excited since hearing the former hostess of Seventies DC mystery book Doorway to Nightmare was getting an ongoing Vertigo book. In the words of Olivia Newton John, now we are here, and boy, was it irritating. For the first few pages, at least. As we meet Madame Xanadu, rather than sitting in […]

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Superman 677 review

Starman writer James Robinson joins the Superman books with this issue and reminds me why I like his work too much. He gives us a sympathetic hero, standout supporting characters and intriguing antagonists. The hero is, of course, the guy with his name on the cover. As we join him, he’s showing off Krypto to […]

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Comic Art Now review

Comic Art Now By Dez Skinn Ilex, 192pp, £20 As The Beano celebrates its 70th birthday and The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man fill cinemas, a legend of British comics is out to show there’s more to comic art today than schoolboys with catapults in the UK and superheroes in the US. Dez Skinn wantADVERTISEMENTs […]

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Trinity 3 review

The lead story sees the JLA, minus a certain three heroes, battles Konvikt and Graak, they don’t do very well, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman show up expecting to save the day, and the former gets a good thumping. Graak continues to be ridiculously annoying with his stupid speeches bigging up Konvikt and the JLA […]

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Birds of Prey 119 review

This issue sees the return of Black Canary to the book, after she was dragged away by the JLA and Green Arrow editorial offices and stripped of the dimensions she’d gained under writers Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone. It’s a temporary, yet triumphant, return, with a nice cover appearance – courtesy of Stephane Roux – […]

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In which the Legion get new costumes and actually don them, despite having no idea who put the order in for them. I’m guessing Kid Calculus, or whatever we’re meant to call that Morr’ssey reject. Other than Star Boy’s, I’m not actually keen on them – Saturn Girl’s Binary look, in particular, is an ambomination, […]


Trinity 2 review

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are plunged into individual strangeness as the world changes around them – a new planetary system is being born over Metropolis; Batman finds himself in a future-gothic Gotham; and Wonder Woman fights robots. OK, I couldn’t see that much had changed around Wondy, but what the heck, it led to […]

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In which the Skrulls invade Avalon, Faiza manifests powers, Pete gets some naging from the missus, Captain Britain is ‘seemingly’ dead, the Black Knight splits, John the Skrull is not worthy, Spitfire deems herself not worthy and Britain’s magical talismen are melded into a ruddy great chain. Mind, at the start of his career Captain […]

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