Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1 review

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!  Is there a more famous battle cry in comics? When I’m reading an Avengers issue, I’m always waiting for that point when a member rallies their colleague to tackle the threat du jour. Often it comes in a big splash panel, always it’s a cathartic, impressive moment. And so we come to this […]

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Action Comics #1015 review

There’s a new kid in town. Naomi, fresh from the pages of her debut mini-series, comes looking for Superman. And she’s not wasted a moment…this is the day she discovered she has powers. This is the day she finds she can fly. And this is the day she makes a friend. Two, actually… As it […]

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Inferior 5 #1 review

In the Sixties, the Inferior Five comic was a good-natured superhero send-up. In 2019, the Inferior 5 comic is, well, I’m not sure… yet. I am sure this first of 12 issues is one of the most intriguing comics I’ve read in ages. For one thing, it’s set in 1988. We’re in the small US […]

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Supergirl #34 review

It’s not often that a superhero comic contains images so extreme I won’t share them here. But there’s a scene in this issue that’s just gross, inserted for shock effect. The moment in question comes soon after Kara returns to Earth following the Rogol Zaar business, a certain Superdog at her side. Isn’t that lovely? […]

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Superman #15 review

Oh, how I love a good old-fashioned cover with an intriguing situation encapsulated by dialogue; I think DC has some kind of linewide word balloon cover stunt this month. Whatever the case, this nicely previews one of the plot points from this issue. But there are more. Starting with… What the heck are we going […]

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Gotham City Monsters #1 review

In the dark night of Gotham, an eternal battle continues. Across town, a career criminal is hoping to turn over a new leaf. In a bar, a spy with no home carries on his work. Beneath Gotham Harbour, a creature mourns for the woman she once was. A woman of clay yearns to find herself. […]

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Young Justice #8 review

Banished from Gemworld by magic-wielding aristocrats into the realm of parallel realities, our young heroes just want to find the map that could get them home. What they find instead are the angriest teenagers ever. The YJ members have varying levels of success against their Earth 3 opposites, while an unknown narrator lets us know […]

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