Fantastic Four #1 review

Welcome to volume 427 of the Fantastic Four. Bring a teddy bear. Because you’ll need something to cuddle in order to get through this miserable first issue from James Robinson, Leonard Kirk and Karl Kesel. Three of my favourite talents in comics and I wish they’d all taken the week off. I didn’t think ‘Fall […]

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The Fury of Firestorm #17 review

In a week which sees Batman Incorporated #8 get all the publicity, I’m taking a moment to salute Firestorm, the Little Comic That Couldn’t. Couldn’t find enough readers to survive the latest culling of DC’s New 52 line. And that’s a shame, because despite being on its third creative team in 18 months, this one […]

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Hawk and Dove #1 review

Zombies on a plane. It sounds like a high-concept movie but it’s actually the hi-jinks which kick off this new series. ‘Science terrorist’ Alexander Quirk has loaded a plane with ‘monsters of mass destruction’ but Hawk and Dove are bidding to ruin his day. The avatars of war and peace stop the monsters and prevent […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #647 review

And that’s it, the experiment of publishing Amazing Spider-Man three times a month ends here, behind an impressive cover by Marko Djurdjevic that’s a hangover from the storyline that ended last issue. Oh well. So do we go out with a bang? Let’s see what this 72pp issue has to offer … ‘Another Door’ is […]

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