Batman/Superman #32 review

That’s more like it. After last week’s enjoyment blip in the Final Days of Superman storyline, this issue sees things back on an even keel. Sure, Superman and Wonder Woman are still soppier than I’d like as the book opens, but with Batman playing gooseberry, they concentrate on business  And the business is tracking the pseudo-Superman who […]

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Batwoman #25 review

Several years ago, it was lights out in Gotham when the Riddler pulled the plug on the power grid. Home from military academy for the funeral of her Uncle Phillip, Kate Kane refuses her dad’s request to stay home and let someone else be the hero. She sneaks into the city on a ‘borrowed’ motorbike […]

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Justice League of America #9 review

J’onn J’onzz and Stargirl are the only Leaguers not trapped inside a weird world by their own fears. Separately, they wander from place to place, encountering Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Madame Xanadu and new Green Lantern Simon Baz. They can’t be reasoned with. Stargirl searches for J’onn, while remembering her beginnings as a hero. Eventually she finds […]

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Green Lantern #1 review

It’s been awhile since I dropped the Green Lantern titles, bored rigid by the Crayola Corps, but I’m always hoping for a new jumping-on point. And here it is. Sinestro as GL isn’t an enticing prospect, admittedly – waste of a perfectly good villain – but if it means getting to see Hal Jordan putting […]

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