Superman #51 review

Superman is running diagnostic tests in the Fortress of Solitude because after his recent trials – the Darkseid War, the battle with Vandal Savage and the encounter with Rao – he’s not feeling great. And the results aren’t good – he’s dying.  This makes him angry. Not because he’s going to lose his life, but […]

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Action Comics #37 review

The Haunting of Smallville storyline continues with Superman’s ally the Toyman arriving in town and thrilled to bits by the teleportation effect that sends anyone trying to break through a bizarro barrier bouncing from one end to another. Superman, who’s been having less fun with the phenomenon, finally comes to a stop in a cornfield […]

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Action Comics #33 review

Accepting his self-imposed exile, Superman is in the far reaches of space, smashing asteroids. He’s trying to burn the Doomsday virus from his system, but it’s only getting stronger. Back on Earth, Steel and Lana Lang blast off in a spaceship designed by the hammer-holding hero, determined to help their friend. Red Lantern Supergirl has […]

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Superman Doomed #1 review

I was there when Doomsday killed Superman. I was bored. Thump. Bash. Wham.  A lot of splash pages and a lot of bruises and blood. Not a great story – the great story came in between the dull Death of Superman and the rather rubbish Resurrection. It featured the four claimants to the Superman name […]

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Action Comics #28 review

We’re seven miles below South America and Ukur the Beast Master has proven not to be the threat he first appeared. When his monarch emerges  from an imprisonment that lasted hundreds of years, she’s extremely grateful to ‘Queen Lanalang’ and her slave, Superman, for their part in freeing her. She extends her hospitality, allowing the […]

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Action Comics #25 review

Tying into the Zero Year series in Batman provides new Action Comics creators Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder with a great excuse to give us more of Grant Morrison’s tee-shirt Superman. The story begins even earlier, though, as Lana Lang says goodbye to Clark Kent and Smallville, ready to make her mark on the world. […]

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Superman #20 review

Ma and Pa Kent are visiting Clark and his family in Metropolis. The City of Tomorrow has never looked more futuristic, Lana Lang-Kent more stunning. And look at that cute puppy! We’re about to meet Clark and Lana’s little girl when … SCRASHK WHAM! Whatever the cause of his reverie, Superman is thoroughly knocked out […]

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