National Comics #1: Madame X review

TV psychic turned law firm investigator Madame X turns her tarot towards finding out who killed a New Orleans politician in this one-shot pilot issue. A vocal critic of a wannabe witch queen, could Councilman Ben Meachum really have been killed by a zombie, as neighbours claim? Madame X? X for Xanadu, presumably, as DC already has […]

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Justice League Dark #10 review

John Constantine and his ragtag Justice League Dark dare to enter the House of Mystery. Not that getting in is difficult – Constantine has a key, and proprietorial privileges to the property, ‘one of two twin [sic] houses that exist at the cross section of all space and time’. Specifically, he has a demon servant, […]

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Justice League Dark #9 review

In the Amazon jungle, longtime Justice League foe Felix Faust is gathering an army. The magician is stronger than ever, having gained control of a devastatingly powerful mystic artefact. US Government mage Dr Mist has been captured after being sent by Colonel Steve Trevor to learn Faust’s plans. Who ya gonna call? Justice League Dark, […]

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World of Flashpoint #1 review

DC gets in on Marvel’s events act with a mini-series extrapolating on the world in which its latest crossover is set. Difference being, this is good stuff. The star is Traci 13, a teenage magic user who’s been knocking around the edges of the regular DC Universe for years. Here she tries to make sense […]

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