Justice Society of America 21

Look at that cover – Alex Ross has entered his red period. Oh dear. Following on from last week’s excellent The Kingdom special, this sees the pro and anti-Gog factions of the JSA unite to battle the self-proclaimed god now he has shown his hand. Predictably, but satisfyingly, several members pay the price in a […]

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Rogue’s Revenge review

The first Final Crisis tie-in, Requiem, was a very nice surprise, but can DC keep up the standard? The second, Rogue’s Revenge – a three-parter rather than the one-off devoted to the Martian Manhunter’s life, death and legacy – sees the return of acclaimed Flash creative team Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, so it’s off […]

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Action Comics 866 review

This issue begins with a flashback to Krypton, showing us the day Kandor became a bottle city. It’s a new spin on the traditional Silver Age telling of the tale – rather than being simply zapped, shrunk and bottled, Kandorians are attacked by killer robots, soldiers Zod and Ursa try to protect the populace and […]

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