Justice League #24 review

There’s a colossal, unnatural storm in the Atlantic, threatening the Eastern Seaboard of the US and the Justice League are stepping up. Winds of 200mph are a threat, but when you have several members with super-speed and endurance, what’s to stop you stopping it? How about the wrath of a water witch? Mera plans to […]

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Action Comics #49 review

There’s a moment in this comic that pretty much sums up my reaction to the continuation of the Truth storyline, which features a depowered Superman lost in a world of grumpy people.  Thank you, Justice League.  This is a frustrating issue. There’s loads of talent on display, from writer Greg Pak to co-writer and layout artist Aaron […]

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Aquaman #38 review

Aquaman and Mera continue their investigation into the mysterious portal technology used by the ancient Atlanteans and related disappearance of his mother. The action this issue moves from Gorilla City to Polynesia to somewhere very, very far away, where an encounter with gigantic flame-spewing beasts presages a meeting that could change Aquaman’s life.  Look at them […]

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Justice League #6 review

Earth is under attack by parademons from the evil world of Apokolips but seven superheroes have assembled to form our planet’s last, desperate defence. While five face down the leader of the invasion, Darkseid, two are stranded on his hellish world. Set five years in the past of the rebooted DC Universe, this comic features […]

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Flashpoint #5 review

It’s the end … and the beginning. DC’s summer event closes the door on one chapter of the DC Universe and begins a new one, as the Flash, Barry Allen, changes the timeline. A lot of this issue is fighting of the kind we’ve gotten used to over the past few months. Amazons attack, Atlanteans […]

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Flashpoint #2 review

Yo ho ho, me hearties, it’s Deathstrokebeard and his merry pirate band. Clayface, Icicle, Electric Eel, Machiste, the Fisherman, they are indeed a motley crew. And more than faintly ridiculous in their pirate togs. Still, as Gypsy Rose Lee learnt, you gotta have a gimmick. Especially in  a crossover event. So it is that in […]

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Flashpoint #1 review

Barry Allen wakes up at his desk in Central City’s crime lab to hear that he’s meant to be finding proof local hero Citizen Cold murdered someone named Miss Alchemy. Realising this isn’t his reality, he rushes into the corridor, spots he has no Flash ring and stumbles down the stairs. At the bottom is someone who’s […]

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