World’s Finest #1 review

‘Your two favorite heroes, Superman and Batman, in one adventure!’ That was the idea behind the old World’s Finest series. Poor Robin never rated a mention. Still, there’s a Robin in the first issue of this mini series teaming the second stringers of the Superman and Batman family, and while I used to love Tim […]

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Detective Comics #858 review

The Batwoman, who she is and how she came to be. That’s the premise of the new story arc in Detective and thank the Lord – it’s been a couple of years since Kate Kane began swooping around Gotham, I’m ready to know why she took up the mantle of the Bat. This first part […]

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The Last Days of Animal Man #6 review

It’s the final issue of this future-set storyline which has seen Buddy Baker struggling to deal with fading powers and fraught family relationships while being targeted by new villains. Last issue ended with Buddy being thoroughly stomped by Mirror Master’s daughter Prismatik and the brutish Bloodrage. This issue he saves the day in a clever […]

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Wonder Woman #37 review

The first image in this issue took me right back to the Seventies and the cover to issue #246, with Diana in bed as a mystic force attends her. The shot is almost certainly a coincidence, but one I enjoyed. What follows is one of the best scenes Gail Simone has written since she took […]

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Power Girl #6

There are no boob jokes this month, which is how it should be as by now it’s obvious Power Girl’s biggest asset is her gift for friendship. If Mary Tyler Moore were a Kryptonian, she’d be Power Girl. For Peege is the single woman trying to make a new start in the big city while […]

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Supergirl #46 review

I really enjoy the Supergirl comic. Could we please have one? For this book is now so tightly tied into the New Krypton sequence that Kara is almost a bystander in her own book, This issue Kara’s flying around with Flamebird and Nightwing in the World Against S-Shield With an X Through It crossover, fighting […]

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Justice League of America #38 review

Another day, another Justice League of America relaunch. Writer James Robinson and penciller Mark Bagley are the latest creatives bidding to bring back the glory days and they begin with a bang as one of the team’s scariest foes, Despero, attacks the most recent incarnation. Robinson would get a demerit for here killing off another […]

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Mighty Avengers #30 review

Face front True Believer, this one has it all! Why doesn’t Marvel use this classic Stan Lee line any more? It’s corny as heck, certainly, but occasionally it’s just perfect. Take Mighty Avengers #30, in which writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage ensure all sorts of pleasing things happen: Various members go ape, or at […]

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