Batman: Gotham Nights #2 review

It’s a case of The Bats and the Furious as the Caped Crusader chases fleeing murder suspect Dillon Yates through the streets of Gotham. Souped-up vehicle vs Batmobile? No contest, Batman catches up without much trouble. But something doesn’t add up. Batman discovers who really killed the studio head and framed Yates… actor turned super-villain […]

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Swamp Thing: New Roots #1 review

‘The beet goes on’ – terrible pun, brilliant story. DC’s daily Digital First programme rolls out another winner with Swamp Thing: New Roots #1, whose story debuted in Swamp Thing 100-page Giant #1 last year. One of the big benefits of stories being scooped out of anthologies and given a showcase is that covers originally […]

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Aquaman: Deep Dives #1 review

The strip begins with Mera addressing the United Nations regarding the status of Atlantis, something she seems to do weekly. Arthur, glad to no longer be the diplomat in the family, is watching proudly when he’s called to a disturbance at New York’s Museum of Unnatural History. Black Manta has arrived to steal an Atlantean […]

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1 review

Princess Diana of the Amazons doesn’t just fight gods and monsters. Sometimes a crooked businessman catches her attention. In Commitment to Chaos her target is Simon Wickett, whose companies have snapped up real estate after a suspicious number of office buildings collapsed. Assuming he won’t agree to see her, Wonder Woman marches up to his […]

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Retro review: Super Friends #6

I don’t think the original Super Friends ever appeared on British screens. The first time I came across them, other than in DC Comics house ads for Saturday morning TV, was in the comic’s seventh issue, apparently the first distributed widely here, when Zan and Jayna arrived. This issue, though, it’s Wendy and Marvin who […]

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Anti/Hero review

When ‘events, dear boy, events’ mean that I can’t get my regular fix of the DC Universe, it’s time to try something new. And here’s a fresh corner of Gotham City where we find a different Dynamic Duo to the one we all know. Not that Sloane MacBrute and Piper Pájaro are pals when we […]

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