Justice League vs Suicide Squad #4 review

Dr Polaris. Emerald Empress. Rustam. Lobo. Johnny Sorrow. Five of the toughest nuts around, under the leadership of master manipulator Maxwell Lord. That’s a formidable batch of badness.  Superman. Enchantress. Wonder Woman. Captain Boomerang. Flash. Killer Croc. Batman. Harley Quinn. Cyborg. Rick Flag. Katana. El Diablo. Killer Frost. Two Green Lanterns. And Amanda Waller barking […]

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Justice League International #2 review

Now that’s a fantastic cover – a well-conceived image, finely executed by Aaron Lopresti and coloured in unusual tones by Hi-Fi Design. Inside Justice League International #2 we have the continuation of the battle with the mystery giant in Peru, and things don’t go too well. Circumstances see leader Booster Gold take the tough decision to […]

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Justice League International #1

Sometimes you want a book to start with the action. At others, a quieter beginning is best. This new incarnation of the global Justice League goes for the latter option, but for me, that’s where the action is. For while I enjoy a good fracas between colourful heroes and dastardly villains, the membership of the […]

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