Wonder Woman #38 review

Gosh, look at that cover – all boobs and blood. I bet that’ll sell to the 13-year-olds. Well done DC! Sarcasm aside, I like the design, but the details… get a grip. This month there’s a brazen crime on Paradise Island. An entire scene goes missing. Apparently.  Having seen a friend die due to an […]

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Action Comics #21 review

Superman fights the Hybrid creature created by a Lex Luthor virus, bidding to dismantle it into its constituent parts – ordinary citizens of Metropolis – and he’s doing well until the bigger threat of Doomsday comes along. Doomsday Oh, hang on, that’s not Doomsday, it’s Lex Luthor in a hulking great power-suit. It certainly had […]

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Action Comics #19 review

I really didn’t want to love this comic. You likely know the story. Andy Diggle is announced as the new Action Comics writer, interviews show him to have a fine grasp of the essence of Superman. Tony S Daniel leaves the Batman line to draw Diggle’s scripts, sounds excited to be applying his dynamic line […]

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Superboy #15 review

Superboy is dying after being assaulted by supposed Kryptonian H’el. Superman takes him to the Fortress of Solitude where scientific advisors Cyborg and Dr Veritas puzzle over Superboy’s three strands of DNA. They’re breaking down, leading Superman to suppose that his Kryptonian armour might boost Superboy’s healing the way it did his own, years ago. […]

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Justice League #13 review

What a difference a few months makes. It’s not that long ago that Wonder Woman was attacking her Justice League teammates for the very suggestion that they might help with what she considered private business. But here she is, persuaded that the rest of the League should assist her in finding a lost tribe connected […]

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Justice League #6 review

Earth is under attack by parademons from the evil world of Apokolips but seven superheroes have assembled to form our planet’s last, desperate defence. While five face down the leader of the invasion, Darkseid, two are stranded on his hellish world. Set five years in the past of the rebooted DC Universe, this comic features […]

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Action Comics #896 review

Crivvens, there’s a lot going on this issue as the Secret Six bids to protect Lex Luthor from Vandal Savage. The immortal villain, you may recall, is trying to decipher the meaning of a prophecy that Lex will make him very happy. He’s focussing on Lex’s knowledge of the mysterious black spheres, which is the […]

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