Birds of Prey #1 review

Who’d be a reporter in Gotham? Fed tips about a ‘covert ops team run by a bunch of super-criminal hotties’, you’re expecting to get a good story, but before you can publish, someone tries to kill you. Then you’re saved by said hotties, but they insist you leave town. Then … ahh, but that would […]

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Birds of Prey #12 review

There’s a new crime lord in Gotham and he’s hiring. He’s taking on a pair of twisted sisters by the name of Trissa and Somnia. Before they meet the big man, though, they accompany his lieutenant, Mr Tripe, to a meeting with blonde bombshell Miss Hargison, a helpless beauty who wants him to bury her […]

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Ragman: Suit of Souls #1 review

Ragman’s been around since the Seventies but never developed a fanbase. Truth be told, Rory Reagan comes across as just another Gotham vigilante, wandering around the rooftops in flowing cape and beating up bad guys. He’s become more of a mystical character down the years, but magic users don’t attract the greatest audiences. And the […]

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