Injustice Year Zero #1-3 review

On a Gotham rooftop, Batman broods. He thinks of the world he lives in, one ruled over by a corrupt Superman. He believes things could have been so different… A year previously, an 86-year-old prison inmate who wants only to see his grandson before he dies is refused parole. He puts the word out that […]

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Young Justice #17 review

It’s the morning after the fight before and the members of Young Justice are helping with clean-up. Having teamed up with the Justice League to fend off the Legion of Doom, the teenage heroes are helping Metropolis get back on its feet. But it’s not only superheroes who are doing good. Meet Yolanda and her […]

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DC Cybernetic Summer #1 review

Growing up in the UK, summer specials were a thing – tabloid-sized editions of our weekly favourites on super-shiny paper, all in colour for 25p… back then full-colour was reserved for only a few pages in the likes of the Beano, Dandy and Bunty. I loved them, so I couldn’t resist this seasonal special. And […]

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Wonder Woman #759 review

It’s a big day for Wonder Woman as, aided by her Amazon sisters, she moves into a brownstone in Washington DC. She quickly meets the neighbours. Emma takes Diana to IKEA, sorry, FURN, where Superheroine No1 is rightly unimpressed by the retail proposition. In the car park – who knew our star could drive? – […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #7 review

The Legion of Super-Heroes are an impulsive bunch. Having survived the threat of the Horraz and restored Earth’s water with a magic trident, they crash a meeting of the United Planets Council to, well, apologise for being so darned impulsive. Team leader Cosmic Boy makes an impassioned speech, but it’s not his words that calm […]

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Batgirl #47 review

Barbara Gordon wants nothing more than a quiet night in on her own. A moment of calm gives her a chance to reassess her priorities. A peaceful few hours? Good luck with that. The Joker. The monster who crippled her years previously, ending her career as Batgirl. Thing is, though, Barbara Gordon didn’t fold after […]

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Empyre: Avengers #1 review

I’ve not read the Avengers regularly for years – too many characters I’ve no fondness for, storylines that drag on. But having read the series for most of the Bronze Age, I could not resist a cover that features the call to arms, while nodding to those brilliant ‘the old order changeth’ issues. Illustrator Steve […]

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Action Comics #1023 review

‘Clark Kent walked into a bar.’ It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s no joke for the Invisible Mafia members when Clark Kent, newly revealed as the Man of Steel, shows up. Why is he there? Let’s go back a few pages, to the start of Action Comics #1023. After a very […]

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The Flash #757 review

When I was a kid there were certain images that recurred in comics, cool visuals that made me smile, or awed me, or just reminded me about the world of DC. Superman opening his Fortress of Solitude with a giant key. The Legion floating through a rainbow of time. The Venn diagram of Earths One […]

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