Wonder Twins #12 review

Wonder Twin Powers… de-activate! It’s the final issue of the wonderful series from Wonder Comics starring the Wonder Twins. Actually, it’s the second final issue, as the book was originally a six-part mini that was so well received, so soon, that it was quickly recommissioned for a second batch, with only a month or so […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #4 review

It’s the 31st Century, Superboy Jon Kent has joined the Legion of Super-Heroes and it’s time to learn how the team was founded. His guide? The AI known as Computo. First, background on the founders, beginning with Imra Ardeen, a young woman on the moon of Saturn, Titan, where mental powers are the norm. Then, […]

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The Terrifics #24 review

It’s the conclusion of the Year of the Villain storyline putting the Terrifics against the Terribles in a another time-spanning chapter. I’ve not read this book for awhile; I have been buying it, but I wasn’t very keen on the too-long Noosphere storyline, and then saw Year of the Villain was coming up, and kept […]

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Superman: Heroes #1 review

Superman has revealed his secret identity to the world. How will the planet’s heroes react? That’s the big question we were told this extra-sized special would address. And the answer? What do the members of the crimefighting community have to say? About a sentence each over a busy two pages. Sure, Batman and Wonder Woman […]

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Superman #20 review

Intergalactic despot Mongul has turned up to wreck the United Planets’ party. Leaders of the newly formed peace-seeking organisation have gathered to anoint a world their collective home, an admin centre for diplomats, but the cosmic conqueror isn’t having it. Cue a planet-quaking fight with Superman, there as Earth’s UP representative, one that reminds us […]

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Supergirl #39 review

This is the review I almost never wrote… Doesn’t that sound dramatic? Really, it’s a matter of conclusion… I’m going to say this issue is of the same standard as last month’s – pretty good, far better than might be expected. The thing is, we’re still in the area of Dark Kara, a path so […]

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Lois Lane #8 review

There’s a fun moment in the latest instalment of this Question mini-series when guest star Lois Lane tells us who she once found cooler than Superman. Oh all right, I know it’s Lois’s name on the cover, and her face looking out at us slyly, but as I’ve said previously, writer Greg Rucka seems far […]

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