Harley Quinn Romances #1 review

Now there’s a clever title for the annual giant love anthology from DC. OK, it took me a second to get it, as in the UK we don’t have Harlequin Romances, but it’s undeniably smart. As are the stories in this 86pp spectacular. OK, they aren’t all to my taste, but none are less than […]

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Action Comics #1051 review

You know Chekhov’s Gun – the idea that if a writer mentions a firearm early in a story, it has to be fired by the end. Here’s Chekhov’s Building – or rather, John and Natasha Irons’ Building. Talk about poking Lex Luthor with a stick. And sure enough, just a few pages later… It’s not […]

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The New Champion of Shazam #4 review

In which Mary Bromfield tracks down her missing parents and confront the mastermind who’s been sending super-powered strangers to attack her. I’ve been enjoying this four-part mini-series as an overdue focus on the current DC Universe version of Mary Marvel. We’ve seen her go to college, become the sole beneficiary of the wizard Shazam’s powers […]

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Nightwing #100 review

It’s party time, as Dick Grayson celebrates the 100th issue of his solo series which started in the glory days of the New 52. Crashing the party is Heartless, who’s been a thorn in the side – or rather, the chest – of the people of Blüdhaven for a while. He’s murdered city kingpin Blockbuster […]

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The Flash #790 review

It’s all getting a bit heated in the latest issue of The Flash. Wally and Linda are hosting a barbecue for their pals, but the usual suspects are absent. Immediate family apart, there’s not a speedster in sight as the off-duty Fastest Man Alive serves up his sausages. Max Mercury is attempting one of his […]

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Avengers: War Across Time #1 review

It’s Throwback Wednesday with a new book very much in the old style. Specifically, the old style of Marvel Comics, with iconic heroes and villains, classic characterisations, big action sequences and a lot of heart. Slotted between the Silver Age Avengers #11 and #12, it sees Kang the Conqueror continue his vendetta against Earth’s Mightiest […]

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