Tim Drake: Robin #1 review

It’s funny, everything about this comic screams ‘Young Adult’ but it’s about a guy having a midlife crisis. Tim Drake has packed in college, bought a houseboat, dumped his girlfriend and is experimenting with his sexuality. He may still be a teenager, but Tim’s always been mature for his years. As we join him in […]

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Action Comics #1047 review

Comics today aren’t cheap, but if Action Comics #1047 had consisted of just one particular page, I’d still have left the issue smiling. Superman saves a family from plunging into Metropolis Bay after he ends a pretty unusual car chase. Adorable. But we are blessed, because there are more terrific scenes to enjoy in the […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4 review

Robin, Impulse and Superboy have been plucked from the everyday DC Universe and are fighting, as the cover says, everybody! Well, everybody who was anybody when they first got together as a junior Justice League. Teammates Wonder Girl, Arrowette and mentor Red Tornado, meanwhile, are trying to track the three YJ founders down. Looking for […]

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The Flash #786 review

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths is in full swing and if you want a swinging superhero saga, this is the issue for you. It’s the most fun I’ve had with a DC book in ages. ‘High-Speed Alert’ kicks off with Titans Donna Troy and Cyborg handing out assignments as the latest reality-threatening event sends the […]

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Batman vs Robin #1 review

It is a dark and stormy night. Someone taps at the door of stately Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne, currently living in Gotham but having felt a pullback to his ancestral home, answers. It’s Alfred Pennyworth, apparently back from the dead after being murdered by Bane, and cremated by Bruce. Is it a cruel ploy by […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #15 review

It’s the finale to the story that’s been the backbone of this book since it began last year, as Superman 2, Robin, Jay Nakamura, Dreamer and the Revolutionaries take the fight to Bendix. The ruler of Gamorra has been kidnapping young people and turning them into post-human super-weapons for sale to the highest bidder. He’s […]

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