Shazam! #1 review

With one magic word… six Captain Marvels? Well, no, the sextet of colour-coordinated kids channelling the old wizard’s powers in DC’s latest Shazam series aren’t going by the traditional name. As we join them in this sequel to Geoff Johns’ 2011 Justice League back-up they’ve been operating in Philadelphia for a year and haven’t come […]

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Martian Manhunter #1 review

A few years ago, police detectives John Jones and Diane Meade are called to a crime scene. The parents are dead, the daughter is missing. Jones, secretly a Martian, gets a telepathic flash. We see from a flashback to life on Mars that fright foam most likely equates to human blood. Also, that while he […]

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Action Comics #1005 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. A hood is trying to sell his boss an object of power. A mystery man intervenes. And Clark Kent is mentoring new reporter Robinson Goode. The regular reader knows Goode is bad, in collusion with the city’s ‘Invisible Mafia’, whose secret weapon is the metahuman murderer Red Mist. And […]

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Heroes in Crisis #3 review

Heroes in therapy. That’s what we get as the third issue of Tom King and Clay Mann’s limited series opens. Lagoon Boy, The Flash, Booster Gold, reeling off name, tagline and how long they’ve been at Sanctuary, the treatment centre for emotionally battered super-people. Turn the page and there’s a shocking image. Is this the […]

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Sideways #10 review

It’s not a good day to be Sideways. The newest hero on the block, who has the power to create rifts in space and time, has just triumphed as a temporary member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, but he’s been missing from home for a week. His dad, who doesn’t know Derek was made […]

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