Aquaman: The Becoming #1 review

We begin on Apokolips. The forces of Darkseid are attacking and only Jackson Hyde can save the day Allegedly. It’s a training exercise Aquaman has set up for Aqualad in an Atlantean grotto. But Jackson does have a mission – step up while Arthur takes care of business elsewhere. Back on land, Jackson is meeting […]

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Fantastic Four #35 review

I love a good anniversary issue. Anyway, Fantastic Four #35 – ‘legacy number’ #680 – came out this week, later than planned. Which is ironic, as a tale featuring time travelling villain Kang the Conqueror should always make the deadline. Written to mark the 60th anniversary of Fantastic Four #1, it involves a competition organised […]

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Justice League #67 review

And once again we have a cover that seems to belong to a different month. Nowhere in this issue do Black Canary and Green Arrow fight a gang of Deathstroke cosplayers. They show up at the end, but meet only Lois Lane’s supposed brother, who we now learn goes by the rather hilarious ‘Leonardo Lane’, […]

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Suicide Squad 2021 Annual #1 review

We open in the past, with Task Force X field leader Rick Flag Jr leading his team of super-villains and compromised heroes on a mission. One of the newest is understandably nervous. Project leader Amanda Waller berates Flagg for his ideals. Years later… Waller has had enough of Flagg questioning her decisions. She’s thrown him […]

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Black Manta #1 review

When is a spin-off not a spin-off? When there’s no mother book. Along with Ocean Master, Black Manta is Aquaman’s most famous opponent, and here he is with a six-issue mini-series. Black Manta’s son, Aqualad, is also getting a limited run. Meanwhile, the Sea King, who has a blockbuster movie sequel coming, hasn’t had so […]

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Infinite Frontier #6 review

The final issue of this terribly enjoyable mini-series opens with a multiversal melee gone large as the JSA and Justice Incarnate go head to head for the fate of…actually, I’m not sure they know. The heroes do know that they’ve ended up on Earth Omega, where the bodies of the supposedly all-powerful Quintessence lie dead […]

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Teen Titans Academy #6 review

This issue Red X… … doesn’t appear, isn’t mentioned, may as well not exist. This issue features a handful of The Roy Harper Academy students having a summer holiday adventure after taking a day trip outside New York. This issue is just great, because as well as the absence of Red X, it’s also without […]

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Infinite Frontier #5 review

This one’s got it all! It’s a cliche but so far as DC event comics go – and when you’re talking DC events, you’re talking Crises – Infinite Frontier #5 has everything I want. There are revelations, as Psycho Pirate explains that he’s aiming to protect worlds from the effects of the continuous multiversal massacres […]

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