Dark Crisis #3 review

The latest version of the Justice League is dead and despair is everywhere. The heroes who might take up the League’s mantle are having a wallow. The heroes who want to take up the slack are being condemned by their self-appointed leader. That’s Black Adam speaking. He reckons the good guys need to show the […]

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Superman: Space Age #1 review

It’s 1985 and Superman is preparing for the end. Something is happening and he’s not fighting, he’s saying his goodbyes. Flashback to 1963 and a young Clark Kent can’t wait to leave Smallville and make his mark on the world. Jonathan Kent tells his son about his time fighting in the Second World War – […]

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Ant-Man #1 review

It’s 60 years since Hank Pym was ‘The Man in the Ant Hill’, star of a one-off suspense short in Tales to Astonish #27. Either reader response was great or someone at Marvel saw potential, but plainclothes boffin Hank Pym soon returned… as a superhero. It’s safe to say Hank has had his ups and […]

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Detective Comics #1062 review

Evan Cagle’s moody cover, featuring a swanky new logo by Darran Robinson, is a declaration of intent. This new run of Detective Comics is going to be all about the melodrama – a play with music. The music arrives in the first scene, on the stage of an opera house in darkest Gotham. There’s an […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2 review

Last issue Impulse, Superboy and Robin vanished from the Justice League’s memorial service. They appeared in what was apparently their past and soon began questioning its reality – someone seemed to be deliberately trying to keep them too busy to think. At the end of the issue, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark appeared in classic YJ […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 review

There’s some very good news for Superman 2 Jon Kent this month. We’ll get there, but first, the lead-up. We open with Jon’s fella, Jay Nakamura, exposed as the madly masked master of The Truth, the alternative online news source. After Jay expresses a desire to get away from the unwanted attention Jon flies him […]

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