Superman #18 review

In which Superman is questioned by the US Senate, Cat Grant lays out her plans for her blog with Clark Kent, and Orion enters the picture. It’s Orion who opens the issue, letting off steam while saving a planet of ‘cowards’ from rampaging monsters, as he answers a summons from his father, Highfather. Then we […]

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Uncanny Avengers #5 review

The promise of the Wasp back on an Avengers team put this book straight to the top of my reading list. Comic-book-killed in some crossover awhile back, she returned last year, and here she is – strain and on John Cassaday’s cover you can see Jan perched on Cap’s bath mat – flanked by fellow […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #18 review

There’s no let-up for the Legion after the horrors of last issue. On Earth, the team’s shattered HQ is besieged by a mob whose members assume they’re behind the failure of quark technology that has thrown the United Planets into chaos. On the unknown world where Sun Boy died, Invisible Kid, Polar Boy and Phantom […]

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Constantine #1 review

Well, if there was any doubt that DC’s replacement for Vertigo’s long-running Hellblazer comic was going down a very different path, it’s right there on the cover. Your typical Vertigo cover would be John smoking in a street, with a demon looming in the background. The debut issue of Constantine has its titular hero blasting […]

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Action Comics #18 review

Esnetni saw taht, wehp. Oops, sorry, I’m in 5th Dimension mode, backwards speak and all that. Longtime Superman readers know that the way to banish traditional pest Mr Mxyzptlk home to the 5th Dimension is to trick him into saying his name backwards. But Mxy’s rival Vyndktvx, who’s been attacking Superman from all angles for […]

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Wolverine #1 review

I’ve never been a massive Wolverine fan. A hero whose first surge in popularity centred on his willingness to kill wasn’t, to me, much of a hero. Even then, though, the killings were the exception, committed in ‘berserker rages’. They’ve long since become an accepted part of his character, like his fondness for taking young […]

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Batman and Robin #18 review

Damian Wayne is dead, at the hands of an assassin sent by his own mother. Batman is without his Robin, but worse, Bruce Wayne is without his son. Their time together was short, but if there was any doubt it mattered, this Requiem-branded issue of Batman and Robin puts them to rest. Writer Peter J […]

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All-New X-Men #8 review

It’s a game of three halves this issue as Angels past and present team up, the Avengers learn about the time-displaced original X-Men and young Jean Grey springs a nasty surprise. Flying through New York, the two Angels are getting to know one another. The earlier Warren Worthington III can’t get his head around the […]

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Superman #17 review

H’el on Earth, the crossover between the Superman, Supergirl and Superboy titles, ends here after several months of hi-decibel nonsense. Supposed Kryptonian H’el has come to Earth to steal our solar energy to power his plan to go back in time to save Krypton from destruction. Supergirl has fallen for both the man and his […]

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