Convergence: Shazam #1

The best parts of DC’s Convergence books have been the pages before the dome comes down, when we get to spend time with old friends lost to comic book limbo or altered characterisations. Generally, once the opponent Earth characters come in – the likes of the Flashpoint oafs or Wildstorm no-marks Gen 13  – the […]

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Superman #40 review

I’m a Superman guy. It’s usually the first book I read. This week, it almost lost that ‘honour’, when I noticed it was a fill-in written by regular artist John Romita Jr. Surely that could wait, after all, so many intriguing, Convergence books, the end of Multiversity… Maybe a quick read over breakfast.  Oh boy. […]

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Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 review

Wonder Woman is living with longtime beau Steve Trevor under the Gotham dome erected by Brainiac. She’s without her Amazon powers, but isn’t powerless – she’s helping the city’s poorest alongside best pal Etta Candy. Unfortunately, Etta has fallen under the influence of a warped Christian cult who believe angels are coming to undo the […]

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