Midnighter #12 review

So goodbye Midnighter, we hardly knew ye.  Actually, that’s not quite true – 12 issues isn’t a long run but writer Steve Orlando packed so much into each offering of this series that by this closing chapter, we’re a lot closer to Lucas Trent than we were at the start.  The story takes up where […]

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Aquaman #49 review

Remember fun, Arthur asks Mera?  I do, and it’s back with Aquaman #49, the first issue written by Dan Abnett. The story alternates scenes of Arthur and Mera talking about their future, with rather unnerving vignettes across the US.   The conversation is split over a few days, beginning with the couple enjoying a breather […]

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Bat-Mite #6 review

Bat-Mite goes to Washington in this final issue, and he’s keen to help President Obama with, well, anything – he’s already remade Mount Rushmore and remodelled the Washington Monument with his magical powers. Before he can further ‘improve’ national monuments, though, he uncovers the whereabouts of arch-enemy Gridlock, who’s still obsessing over some Star Trek-alike […]

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Batman and Robin Eternal #1 review

Too many sidekicks. That’s one of the problems with the current Batman mythos. The contracted continuity post-Flashpoint means that in just over five years Batman has brought Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake into the hero business. Damian Wayne showed up and claimed the Robin legacy. Barbara Gordon joined the fray as Batgirl, Stephanie […]

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Midnighter #4 review

Fight clubs have become passé in the the Russia of the DC Universe. Now it’s all about vampire killing, as rich young guns hand over big wads of cash to spike a bloodsucker. The stakes aren’t high, though – these are vapid vamps, chained up to be easy meat. They’re the result of the raid […]

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Bat-Mite #2 review

Bat-Mite has been kidnapped by Doc Trauma, a crone who’s lived more than 200 years by stealing bodies and having her brain swapped into them. Her next victim – surprisingly, she’s not keen on moving into a lunatic pixie – is the already captive Hawkman. Bat-Mite reckons the unconscious Winged Wonder is just what he […]

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Martian Manhunter #1 review

Who is J’onn Jonzz? Is he a friendly Justice Leaguer? A Martian weapon of planetary destruction? A gnarled old monster who does magic tricks for food? This title from the new DC shows that he could be all three, as writer Rob Williams and penciller Eddy Barrows give us a fresh take on one of […]

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Constantine: The Hellblazer #1 review

Oh look, John Constantine’s back. The fella who fired magical blasts with Justice League Dark? Gone. The loner who’s lucky to hit a massive demonic target with a second-rate spell? That’s John Constantine, and he’s here, in a relaunched Hellblazer title.   New readers can happily start here, as writers Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV, […]

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Starfire #1 review

Starfire, princess of Tamaran, is trying to make a new life on Earth. She decides Key West in Florida could prove a suitable home, and asks local sheriff Stella for help. Starfire’s not well known in today’s DC Universe, so the law officer needs some convincing, but flight and a blazing hair trail do the […]

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Bizarro #1 review

It’s Bizarro No1 in Bizarro #1. Except behind the witty cover is ‘America: Part 6’. Which is rather perfect… Bizarro is a backwards-thinking being, so this is a backwards-thinking book.  Except it’s forward thinking in that it’s emblematic of the new DC, in which story trumps continuity; this isn’t Bizarro the tragic clone seen in […]

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