Daredevil #1 review

Daredevil is back in the dark. He’s swapped sunny San Francisco for gloomy New York, he’s wearing black, and everyone this side of Foggy Nelson has forgotten his secret identity. Matt Murdock’s best friend is back in the Big Apple too, and far from delighted that he’s immediately dragged back into the Man Without Fear’s […]

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A-Force #1 review

It’s impossible to ignore the huge publicity this comic has generated for Marvel – I’m not sure why the pre-issue furore, it’s not like this is the first comic featuring an all-woman team. It’s not even the first from Marvel, with X-Men and Defenders series being the most recent.  It is, I suppose, the first […]

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Aquaman and the Others #1 review

The Others are a loose association of heroes who share one thing – possession of Atlantean artefacts of power. They’ve previously appeared in the Aquaman series and their own special, and now they get an ongoing, headlined by the Sea King himself. The book opens with a flashback to the days of Atlan, ousted king […]

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Uncanny X-Men #18 review

Now here’s a surprise – an entirely different perspective on the fight between Cyclops and Emma Frost, and the united X-Men and Avengers, in this week’s Avengers vs X-Men #11. It turns out that as Professor Xavier confronts Scott Summers with the news that he’s invaded his mind, Scott and Emma are sharing an intimate […]

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