Legends of Tomorrow #6 review

It’s the final issue of Legends of Tomorrow and I’m happy to say the book goes out on a high. In order of appearance… The encounter between Firestorm and Multiplex concludes, with Martin and Ronnie forming the superhero and Jason equally awesome in his advisory role. The struggle to stop Multiplex wrecking reality with his quantum tinkering […]

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Legends of Tomorrow #3 review

Now here’s a treat, the third issue of DC’s 80pp giant collection of mini-series only a couple of weeks since the last one. I suppose the publisher wants to clear the decks for all the DC Rebirth titles; whatever the case, I’m delighted because this anthology book, with its mix of old characters and new […]

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Legends of Tomorrow #2 review

This is the second time I’ve written a review of the second issue of DC’s new 80pp anthology. The first vanished while I was having my tea (meatloaf, chips and creamed corn, thank you), with nary a whiff of a back-up. Mind, given I began that one promising to be more concise than last month, […]

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