Heroes in Crisis #9 review

It’s the final issue of Heroes in Crisis and the message we’re meant to take away is that Hope is accepting responsibility, bearing your burdens, and carrying on regardless.  For me, Hope is continuing to buy a series that, more often than not, just annoyed me. In the end, Hope equals stupidity – I feel […]

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The Flash #71 review

As big a fan of Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter as I am, I wasn’t excited by the notion of Flash Year One. Even someone a lot younger than me will likely have seen Barry Allen’s origin at least a couple of times, do we really need to see it again? And sure enough, the […]

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Action Comics #1011 review

Boy, this is a packed issue. I’ve just checked the page count to see if it’s extra-sized, but no, it’s the standard-ish 22 sides you get in a $3.99 DC book these days. With a pacy script by Brian Michael Bendis that’s packed with intrigue and character, and sharply naturalistic art courtesy of illustrator Steve […]

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Superman #11 review

FIGHT! That’s what we get this issue, as Superman and Superboy are teleported into the middle of an all-out battle involving three space races and Superman’s errant father, Jor-El. Before that, though, we see how Phantom Zone criminal General Zod came to work with Rogol Zaar, the creature who killed Krypton. Superman doesn’t know what […]

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Naomi #5 review

There’s a moment in Naomi #5 that put a huge smile on my face, a piece of dialogue I want to ping into the head of every person on the planet. But first… Last issue, Naomi learned the secret history of her adoptive father, who, it turns out, was a soldier from the planet Rann […]

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Detective Comics #1003 review

‘Atomic batteries to power and gyro-sphere to ignition.’ Now there’s a line that will resonate with longtime fans, updating the Batman TV series’s dialogue signalling the Batmobile was about to hit the road. Mind, it’s not a car Batman and Robin are taking for a spin, it’s a new version of the Bat-Gyro, that Golden […]

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Supergirl #30 review

Supergirl is enraged. Her new friend Xand’r has revealed himself as the son of Gandelo, who was behind the destruction of Krypton. Imprisoning the Coluan, Kara lashes out against his adoptive parent. Did I mention that she’s enraged? Kara is so super-peeved that she attracts that pesky axe of Krypton assassin Rogol Zaar – the […]

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Batman and the Outsiders #1 review

Too much Gotham. That was my reaction when I saw the line-up for the latest version of Batman and the Outsiders. As well as the Caped Crusader, along with original Outsiders Katana and Black Lightning, we have his proteges Orphan and Signal. And after reading this first issue, I’ve not changed my mind. It assumes […]

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