Batgirl #24 review

Last month Stephanie Brown learned that her super-villain dad, the Cluemaster, was behind the riot at Gotham’s Blackgate Prison. As we rejoin her, she’s not frightened, because her father’s not actually a scary guy and she knows that whatever else, he loves her. Then he does something scary. Somehow Arthur Brown has got his hands […]

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Batgirl #23 review

Batgirl’s wannabe partner the Grey Ghost is dead, killed by the Reavers, a secret society of college students with tech suits granting enhanced abilities. This issue we see more of them than ever – especially in the case of one who generates copies of himself – as they engineer a prison breakout. With other Gotham […]

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Batgirl #22 review

In which Batgirl jets off to jolly old London town and teams up with Squire, greatest heroine of the United Kingdom. Steph has been sent across the Atlantic on Batman Inc business, but she doesn’t meet him until the final page of this issue, as she and Squire have places to go, things to do, […]

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Birds of Prey #11 review

Action! Romance! Leaky bowels … this one has it all. As a good Catholic girl, the Huntress is attracted to bad boys. And one in particular, Catman, who shows up just as she’s chasing down a gang who have captured a hostage with medical problems. Will he help Huntress, or take the side of the […]

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