Legion: Secret Origin #4 review

As the newly formed Legion of Super-Heroes grows, the mysterious attacks on backer RJ Brande continue. Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid and Colossal Boy sign up, though Brainiac 5 resists the idea when Phantom Girl suggests he does too. The Science Police gripe to the United Planets about the Legion poaching its potential recruits, but the […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #3

In which Phantom Girl signs up, Invisible Kid shows up and a spaceship blows up. Said unfortunate craft is coming through a wormhole in United Planets space, and it’s assumed to be the latest assault from whoever attacked the planet Amatrom. Given its seeming size, Admiral Allon’s fleet is taking no chances and with the […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #2

Assassination attempts – you wait forever for one, then three come along at once … Someone really doesn’t like RJ Brande. He’s only just getting over one attempt on his life when two more come. Once again, though, the billionaire industrialist is protected by Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy, who he’s decided to organise as a Legion […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #1

The future starts here. Like Batman and Green Lantern, the Legion of Super-Heroes is a series barely changed by DC’s Flashpoint event. With the New 52 experiment bringing new readers to comics, it makes sense, then, to go back and address the origins of the 31st-century team. As a longtime fan, though, having seen the origin […]

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