Superman #52 review

It’s the conclusion of the Final Days of Superman story and no one could say this issue doesn’t live up to its title. The New 52 Superman saves his friends from the pseudo-Superman determined to steal his life. And the imposter does steal Superman’s life, but not in the way he intended – and he […]

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Stormwatch #1 review

When DC announced that founder member J’onn J’onzz wasn’t in the new version of the Justice League, eyebrows were raised. It turns out that he has bigger fish to fry. For while the League is concerned with Earth-based menaces, the Martian Manhunter is looking to the larger picture. He’s an associate of Stormwatch, a mysterious […]

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Legion of Doom #2 review

Heatwave continues his bid to break out of flying prison the Hall of Doom, aided by Eel O’Brien, the stretchable stinker who hates to be known as Plastic Man. They battle unofficial prison guards Atomic Skull and Animal Man, and find out who’s controlling the executing Amazo android that put paid to KGBeast, Slipknot and […]

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Justice League of America #58 review

The JLA’s battle against Eclipso and his horde continues, with brains proving as important as brawn, as the team recognises that the Shade is key to defeating the dark god. Batman organises the fightback into two fronts – one subteam distracts Eclipso while another shoots a bullet – carrying the Atom and Starman – into […]

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Legion of Doom #1 review

The Legion of Doom is a name that warms the cockles of a generation, the fans who followed Luthor, Sinestro and their dastardly acquaintances on the Challenge of the Super Friends cartoons. Me, not so much – I don’t think those shows ever reached British TV.  Still, the high quality of Flashpoint tie-ins to date […]

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Superman/Batman Annual #5 review

Doomsday has hunted down the Cyborg Superman, Hank Henshaw, at the JLA Satellite while, trapped inside with them, are Supergirl and Batman. Outside, Blue Lantern Saint Walker and Starman Mikaal Tomas are helpless as the station morphs into the face of, first, Henshaw, then Doomsday. Neither bad guy is much interested in Batman, so he’s sidelined […]

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