The Immortal X-Men #1 review

Our host for the latest X-book of the Krakoan era is Mr Sinister, that maddest of mad scientists. At the beginning of this debut chapter he’s in 1919, immediately after the Great War has ended. In Paris, Nathan Essex, the man who will eventually go by Mr Sinister, has a rendezvous with Irene Adler, the […]

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War For Earth 3 #2 review

The Titans have been teleported to Earth 3 to help Rick Flag’s unofficial Suicide Squad stop Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad taking over the world. Or something. Honestly, several months into this expanded Suicide Squad storyline I’m still not sure what her point is… Waller’s decided she can’t keep her own Earth safe so she’ll protect […]

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Action Comics #1041 review

Superman starring in Action Comics is what the logo promises, but while Superman is in this issue, our leading man is Midnighter. Because this is the issue in which we catch up with what the Authority veteran has been up to while Superman has been surviving Mongul’s gladiatorial arena, slowly inspiring the Warzoon to believe […]

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Teen Titans Academy #13 review

Every comic is somebody’s first, so be reader friendly, goes the truism. It’s not a rule writer Tim Sheridan pays attention to… as with most issues, he doesn’t introduce his cast. Not really. A few names are dropped, but if you’ve not been making notes, good luck working out who all the Titans Academy students […]

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The Flash #780 review

Linda Park West has lost her twins but found she has super-speed. Not that the power does her search any good when Irey and Jai aren’t actually on Earth – they’re in another dimension with Dad Wally. Not for long, though. Their battle against the dark god Eclipso has been won, so here they are, […]

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Nightwing #90 review

It’s been a busy – read, ruddy stressful – few days since Dick Grayson announced plans to pour billions into making Blüdhaven better. He really need a nap. Crimelord Blockbuster, though, really needs to kill him. His mistake is announcing the move to his associates, giving one of them time to warn Dick to get […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #9 review

While reading a comic that might make it to this blog, I screengrab panels and pages that impress me. It’s pretty rare that I want to reproduce the whole comic. But that’s S:SoK #9, an issue that had me smiling on every page. It’s full of smart moments, beautifully illustrated, as our young Superman joins […]

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