Teen Titans #23 review

As a change from all the DC number ones, here’s the penultimate issue of the New 52 Teen Titans. OK, the logic of that sentence wandered off pretty quickly, but I wrote this review assuming it was the final issue… it’s a great final issue. Hopefully next month’s actual final issue will be as good. […]

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Justice League #29 review

When DC launched in 2011 Justice League was the first title off the blocks. Now here’s the 29th issue as the rest of the original New 52 survivors are about to hit #31. That’s what being knee-deep in crossovers gets you.  Never mind, #29 is here, and with it the new Metal Men’s battle against […]

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Aquaman and the Others #1 review

The Others are a loose association of heroes who share one thing – possession of Atlantean artefacts of power. They’ve previously appeared in the Aquaman series and their own special, and now they get an ongoing, headlined by the Sea King himself. The book opens with a flashback to the days of Atlan, ousted king […]

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Justice League #22 review

It begins with a young woman asking tarot reader Madame Xanadu to explain a dream she’s been having. It ends with a good man dead and a war between heroes. And in between, lots of foreboding, as mysteries are dropped with the turn of a card … So here it is, the crossover more than […]

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Earth 2 #1 review

The war between Earth and Apokolips rages. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman enact a desperate plan to save the world from Steppenwolf’s Parademons, but the price is high. And when the dust clears, the only heroes around to welcome a new dawn are Robin and Supergirl. And them not for long … … five years […]

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Superman #8 review

Now that’s one creepy cover. The men behind it are Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Rod Reis, the artistic team making the current Aquaman series look so good. With luck, some of their fans will be enticed to check out this book starring the Sea King’s fellow Justice Leaguer, Superman. I know, it’s 2012 and […]

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Superman #7 review

Alien overlord Helspont sends a powerful robotic ‘thrall’ to Metropolis to assess Superman and finds him worthy; worthy of enlisting him in his quest to make Earth Daemonite territory. When he finally meets Superman himself, he can’t understand something (click on image to enlarge): And with that one moment, showcasing a defiant hero, proudly wearing […]

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Aquaman #6 review

Mera goes shopping for dog food, breaks the arm of a sex pest, nearly kills a murderer, is confused by humans and makes a friend. She thinks back to how she came to Earth from a watery dimension intending to kill Aquaman, but changed her mind on learning that he’s a good guy. Yes, it’s […]

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Aquaman #1 review

It’s a day in the life of Aquaman, as the hero stops a robbery, fails to have a peaceful lunch at a diner and tells wife Mera he has no wish to rule Atlantis. Meanwhile, down in the depths, something is stirring. Something with very sharp teeth. And a newfound appetite for human flesh … […]

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Green Lantern #1 review

It’s been awhile since I dropped the Green Lantern titles, bored rigid by the Crayola Corps, but I’m always hoping for a new jumping-on point. And here it is. Sinestro as GL isn’t an enticing prospect, admittedly – waste of a perfectly good villain – but if it means getting to see Hal Jordan putting […]

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