The Flash #1 review

Barry Allen and police officer pal August Heart are in the crime lab, talking about a very personal case – not the murder of Barry’s mother but the killing of August’s brother. The police scientist has agreed to take a new look at evidence in the case, and August leaves, relieved. Then something else arrives […]

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Flash: Rebirth #1 review

There’s been a murder. A woman in the Central City suburbs is dead and her husband is in the frame. It’s all too familiar to police scientist Barry Allen, whose own dad sat in jail for years, framed for the killing of his wife Norah, Barry’s mother.  Barry finds it hard to to concentrate on […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #29 review

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have caught up with the energy avatar Superman whose combination of zeal and confusion has seen him kill people who got in his way. They need to shut him down.  In Colorado, the older Superman, strange refugee from another planet, ensconces wife Lois and son Jon in his secret fortress. […]

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Action Comics #51 review

Superman storms into the DEO headquarters in National City, where Supergirl is attached to a machine, unconscious. Waking, Kara isn’t too thrilled that she’s been ‘rescued’. It turns out she was there willingly, having been offered help when her powers began to fade in return for the occasional mission. Like Superman, she was a victim […]

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Superman #41 review

Clark gets a message from an unknown party on his phone telling him to put the TV news on. The report is about super-weapons falling into the hands of Metropolis criminals. The texter leads him and Jimmy to a warehouse where a smooth guy is telling a foreign leader he can 3D print terror technology. […]

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Gotham Academy #1 review

It’s the first day of term for Mia ‘Maps’ Mizoguchi and second-year scholarship student Olive Silverlock is assigned to show her around posh boarding school Gotham Academy. Olive has been dating Maps’ big brother and fellow pupil Kyle and is trying to break up with him; something happened over the summer, apparently involving her mother, […]

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Batman/Superman #10

Superman and Ray Palmer must shrink down into the Batman’s body when a microscopic alien presence puts him in a coma.  We’ve all seen the Fantastic Voyage bit transposed to comics. Writer Jeff Lemire avoids the usual ‘we’re being attacked by blood cells’ cliches by going the other route for an Atom story – having […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #1 review

One batch of Legionnaires infiltrates a United Planets world keeping an eye on the empire of the evil Dominators, while the rest mourn recent losses. The first group includes new members Dragonwing and Chemical Kid, whose enthusiasm gets the better of them when it turns out the military observers are working with the alien scientists. […]

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Teen Titans #100 review

It’s the fight no one demanded, Superboy Prime vs the Teen Titans. Time and time again Prime has been defeated, placed in an ‘ultimate prison’, depowered, whatever … but he keeps coming back. DC writers just love him, with this month’s fan being JT Krul. He’s allied Prime with a Legion of Doom comprising villainous […]

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Superboy #11 review

Inside, there’s also Psionic Lad, would-be assassin turned pal. Together they help the Phantom Stranger see off black magician Tannarak and his Hollow Men, reuniting the people of Smallville with their souls. That’s not bad for 20 pages. Not that it’s easy – Lori and Simon must fight off the Parasite inside the barn while […]

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