The Amazing Spider-Man #1 review

It took six issues for the mainstream Marvel Universe to cobble together an African American Nick Fury to match movie version Samuel L Jackson. So how long to make white super-villain Electro darker skinned in the hope that (drunk) Amazing Spider-Man 2 fans will think they’re looking at Jamie Foxx? From this … … to […]

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Fearless Defenders #10

The transformative Terrigen Mists have been unleashed around the world. In New York, dancer Ren Kimura emerges from a cocoon with weird forearms, just in time to see the Wardogs of Thanos arrive. They aim to kill the new Inhumans in their cocoons, but they’re confronted by the rich and strange Caroline Le Fay, who […]

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The Fearless Defenders #1 review

Sword-slinging shieldmaiden Valkyrie and bionic urban detective Misty Knight make for unlikely partners, but on the evidence of this debut issue, it just might work. They come together when an Asgardian relic begins singing, summoning the dishonoured dead – Viking rogues not fit for Valhalla. Instead, they’ve been lying in a grave on Earth, and […]

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