Ghosts #1 review

It’s Hallowe’en and I’m sitting in Edinburgh, one of the world’s spookiest cities, with the lights down low. How could Ghosts, the one-shot revival of DC’s Bronze Age mystery title, fail to frighten me? While the original was rarely outright terrifying, the stories were always readable, the art lush and atmospheric, and the twists often […]

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Mystery in Space #1 review

Mystery in Space #1 has a beautiful cover by Ryan Sook, evoking celestial wonder. As for the rest of the book, the only wonder is that someone thought it was fit to publish as a $7.99, 80pp giant. For while the revived Silver Age one-off hosts a few decently written and drawn stories with an […]

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The New Deadwardians #1 review

Chief Inspector George Suttle is the last of a dying breed. The only murder squad detective in the Metropolitan Police of 1910, he’s not had a lot to do since Londoners changed. A zombie apocalypse decades previously means most people are beyond being murdered – they’ve either succumbed to the zombie plague or taken The […]

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Saucer Country #1 review

If Paul Cornell ever gives up penning science fiction, he could make a mint as a political speechwriter. Seriously, the oration at the heart of this Vertigo title’s debut issue had me itching to be a fictional American, just so I could vote Arcadia Alvaro in as president. Mind, if certain beliefs held by the […]

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Strange Adventures #1

Creating compelling tales of the imagination, it’s not rocket science, is it? DC managed it for a couple of decades, in the middle of the last century. And now, via the Vertigo imprint, they dip another toe into the water, with a collection of stories ‘suggested for mature readers’. That means tits and swearing, kids. […]

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